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Absorption studies of tripositive praseodymium and neodymium doped zinc fluoride borophosphate (ZFBP) glassesSharma, Y K; Dubedi, R P; Joshi, V; Karnataka, K B; Surana, S S LIJEMS Vol.12(1) [February 2005]65-74
Hepatoprotective effect of few Ayurvedic herbs in patients receiving antituberculus treatmentSharma, Y K; Singh, Harbans; Mehra, B LIJTK Vol.3(4) [October 2004]391-396
Clinical evaluation of the hepatoprotective effect of Katuki (Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth.) processed in Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia Wild.) Miers in patients receiving lipid lowering drugs (Statins)Singh, Harbans; Sharma, Y KIJTK Vol.10(4) [October 2011]657-660
Computerization of the National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials: Planning ; and organization of input designDutta, S N; Neogi, R N; Gogia, K L; Sharma, Y K; Rao, A Subba; Rao, B R Keshava; Arora, RameshALIS Vol.30(1) [March 1983]35-43
⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer studies of pseudo-binary alloy system Fe₁₋yCrySb₂ for 0 ≤y ≤ 0.97 at 300 KSharma, R K; Sharma, Y KIJPAP Vol.45(10) [October 2007]846-850
Optical absorption and fluorescence spectra of Pr (III) doped borosilicate glasses and their Judd-Ofelt analysis to study lasing characteristicsSharma, Y K; Surana, S S L; Singh, R KIJPAP Vol.46(04) [April 2008]239-244
Optical studies and laser parameters of various Pr3+ doped glass systemsSharma, Y K; Surana, S S L; Gehlot, C L; Tandon, S PIJEMS Vol.10(3) [June 2003]215-218
Synthesis, XRD and 57Fe Mössbauer studies of the pseudo-binary Fe1-xMnxSb2 alloysSharma, R K; Sharma, Y KIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]325-329
Trends in nuclear research and its publications - An analysis based on five years coverage in the Indian science abstractsVerma, R K; Sharma, Y K; Khatri, H S DALIS Vol.29(2) [June 1982]64-69