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Antioxidant levels in blood and seminal plasma and their impact on sperm parameters in infertile menShamsi, M B; Venkatesh, S; Kumar, R; Gupta, N P; Malhotra, N; Singh, N; Mittal, S; Arora, S; Arya, D S; Talwar, P; Sharma, R K; Dada, RIJBB Vol.47(1) [February 2010]38-43
Assessment of in-vivo safety and antibacterial activity of phages against methicillin resistant S. aureus in mouse modelShukla, Sanjay; Nayak, Anju; Sharma, R K; Singh, A P; Singh, R V; Gupta, BIJTK Vol.23(1) [January 2023]83-87
Carbon film deposited collector electrode for high efficiency TWTsArya, Suneeta; Latha, A Mercy; Ghosh, S K; Srivastava, Vishnu; Paul, A K; Singla, Monika; Ramanand; Sharma, R KIJPAP Vol.54(02) [February 2016]111-115
Chemical speciation and molecular modelling studies on interaction of cephalothin with metal ionsSharma, R K; Goel, Deepti; Mittal, Sachin; Sindhwani, ShalluIJC-A Vol.40A(06) [June 2001]616-618
Column chromatographic preconcentration of cobalt and zinc with 3-hydroxy-4-imino(N-2' -pyridyl)-2-methylnaphthalen-1-one adsorbed on naphthalene and their estimation in vitamin and milk samplesGarg, B S; Sharma, R K; Bist, J S; Bhojak, N; Mittal, Sachin; Sindhwani, ShalluIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]564-566
Combined Effect of Disc Coulters and Operational Speeds on Soil Disturbance and Crop Residue Cutting under No-Tillage System in Soil BinKumar, N; Sawant, C P; Sharma, R K; Chhokar, R S; Tiwari, P S; Singh, D; Roul, A K; Tripathi, S C; Gill, S C; Singh, G PJSIR Vol.80(09) [September 2021]739-749
Coordination Compounds of Di-n-butyltin Ethylene Glycolate, Di-n-butyltin Succinate & Di-n-butyltin o-Phthalate with Some Nitrogen & Oxygen DonorsNarula, Suraj P; Sharma, R K; Lata, (Miss) Sneh; Seth (Nee' Walia), (Mrs) RitaIJC-A Vol.22A(03) [March 1983]248-249
Cultivation of Shiitake mushroom – A potential agro-industry for hilly areas of North eastern IndiaSingh, H Birkumar; Adhikary, R K; Sharma, R K; Sarma, T C; Rao, P GNPR Vol.7(1) [January-February 2008]74-78
Development of attenuators by carbon coating on APBN support rods using RF sputtering techniquesArya, Suneeta; Sharma, S M; Sharma, R K; Srivastava, V; Bindal, V K; Paul, A KBVAAP Vol.20(2) [December 2012]221-224
Effect of ceramic material on heat dissipation from multi-stage depressed collector used in high efficiency traveling-wave tubesGahlaut, Vishant; Sharma, R K; Srivastava, V; Alvi, P A; Ghosh, S KIJPAP Vol.51(09) [September 2013]657-660
Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Yield of Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) LBahukhandi, D; Sharma, R KBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]61-64
Effect of Transplanting Time and Nitrogen on Plant Growth and Development of Bulbs of Rajnigandha Cultivar - Double Tuberose (Polyanthus tuberosa Linn)Sharma, R K; Dashora, L KBVAAP Vol.12(1) [June 2004]92-94
Effects of 6-aminonicotinamide and 2-deoxy-D-glucose combination on the bioenergetics of perfused Ehrlich ascites tumour cells as monitored by 31P-MR spectroscopySharma, R K; Maitra, A; Jain, VIJBB Vol.37(5) [October 2000]307-312
An efficient and one pot synthesis of polysubstituted imidazoles catalyzed by BiCl3Sharma, R K; Sharma, Chetna; PrernaIJC-B Vol.51B(10) [October 2012]1489-1493
Ethanol Production Potential of Sweet Sorghum Cultivars as Renewable Energy and Determination of Optimal Stage of HarvestingPrasad, Shiv; Joshi, H C; Sharma, R K; Jain, N; Kaushik, RBVAAP Vol.14(1) [June 2006]14-20
⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer studies of pseudo-binary alloy system Fe₁₋yCrySb₂ for 0 ≤y ≤ 0.97 at 300 KSharma, R K; Sharma, Y KIJPAP Vol.45(10) [October 2007]846-850
Formation constants and molecular modelling studies of metal ion-tetracycline complexesSharma, R K; Joseph, SherlyIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]639-642
Formation constants and molecular modelling studies on interaction of metal ions with 6- f1uoro-7-(5-nonyl-1 ,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ylsulphanyl)-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid [QDA]Sharma, R K; Chopra, Shilpa; Kidwai, MIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1240-1242
Genetic screening in couples experiencing recurrent assisted procreation failureDada, Rima; Kumar, R; Shamsi, M B; Tanwar, M; Pathak, D; Venkatesh, S; Kumar, M; Singh, H; Singh, K; Aron, M; Kumar, R; Singh, G; Sharma, R K; Gupta, N PIJBB Vol.45(2) [April 2008]116-120
Histopathological changes in liver, kidney and muscles of pesticides exposed malnourished and diabetic ratsBenjamin, Nidhi; Kushwah, Ameeta; Sharma, R K; Katiyar, A KIJEB Vol.44(03) [March 2006]228-232