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Alanine-EPR dosimetry in 10 MeV electron beam to optimize process parameters for food irradiationSanyal, Bhaskar; Kumar, Sanjeev; Kumar, Mukesh; Mittal, K C; Sharma, ArunIJPAP Vol.50(11) [November 2012]870-873
Anodic Oxidation of N-Substituted Phenothiazines in Aqueous Medium at Graphite ElectrodeSharma, L R; Verma, R S; Sharma, Arun; Singh, GurcharnIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]642-645
Electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin B using screen-printed electrodesSharma, Arun; Rao, Vepa Kameswara; Kamboj, Dev VratIJC-A Vol.59A(02) [February 2020]174-180
Inhibitory effect of piceatannol, a protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor, on asexual maturation of Plasmodium falciparumMishra, Neerad C; Sharma, Manju; Sharma, ArunIJEB Vol.37(04) [April 1999]418-420
A Mechanistic Probe Into Redox Behaviour of Phenol in Aqueous SolutionsSharma, L R; Singh, Gurcharn; Sharma, ArunIJC-A Vol.25A(04) [April 1986]345-349
Partial purification of chlorophyll degrading enzymes from Cavendish banana (Musa Cavendishi)Janave, Machhindra T; Sharma, ArunIJBB Vol. 41(4) [August 2004]154-161
Protein tyrosine kinase activity in human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparumSharma, ArunIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1222-1226
Redox Behaviour of Hydroquinone in Aqueous and Non-aqueous SolutionsSharma, L R; Sharma, Arun; Singh, GurcharanIJC-A Vol.26A(08) [August 1987]659-661
Redox behaviour of o-chlorophenol in aqueous solutionsSharma, L R; Singh, Gurcharan; Sharma, ArunIJC-A Vol.28A(09) [September 1989]757-759
Regulation of nitric oxide production by cytokines in human macrophages: Possible role in P. vivax malariaSharma, Arun; Kabilan, LalithaIJBB Vol.37(5) [October 2000]313-317
Scavenging effect of Indian grape polyphenols on 2,2’-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl(DPPH) radical by electron spin resonance spectrometryPakhale, Shrirang S.; Karibasappa, Goudar S.; Ramchandani, Asha G.; Bhushan, Brij; Sharma, ArunIJEB Vol.45(11) [November 2007]968-973
Inhibition of a protein tyrosine kinase activity in Plasmodium falciparum by chloroquineSharma, Arun; Mishra, Neerad CIJBB Vol.36(5) [October 1999]299-304
Stage-specific cytosolic protein kinase C-like activity in human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparumSharma, Arun; Biswas, SuklaIJBB Vol.42(3) [June 2005]145-151