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Age and growth of salt marsh snail Melampus ceylonicus PetitShanmugam, AIJMS Vol.23(3) [September 1994]173-175
Biomass and composition of zooplankton from Pitchavaram mangroves, southeast coast of IndiaShanmugam, A; Kasinathan, R; Maruthamuthu, SIJMS Vol.15(2) [June 1986]111-113
A cluster based interference mitigation scheme for performance enhancement in IEEE 802.15.4Tamilselvan, G M; Shanmugam, AJSIR Vol.70(09) [September 2011]756-761
Development of soft computing models for data miningSivanandam, S N; Shanmugam, A; Sumathi, S; Usha, KIJEMS Vol.08(6) [December 2001]327-340
Effect of salinity on the larvae of an edible estuarine crab Thalamita crenata (Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae)Kannupandi, T; Krishnan, T; Shanmugam, AIJMS Vol.26(3) [September 1997]315-318
Enhancement of noisy speech signal based on variance and modified gain function with PDE preprocessing technique for digital hearing aidDeepa, D; Shanmugam, AJSIR Vol.70(05) [May 2011]332-337
Extraction of heparin and heparin-like substance from marine mesogastropod mollusc Turritella attenuata (Lamarck, 1779)Arumugam, M; Shanmugam, AIJEB Vol.42(05) [May 2004]529-532
Image compression and coding for ATM networksAlamelu, N R; Shanmugam, AIJEMS Vol.06(1) [February 1999]1-4
Integration of voice, video and data services in a Big 'a' network using a new access protocolGunavathi, K; Shanmugam, AIJEMS Vol.06(5) [October 1999]239-248
Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of conotoxin from Conus figulinus Linnaeus (1758)Saravanan, R; Sambasivam, S; Shanmugam, A; Kumar, D Sathish; Vanan, T Tamil; Nazeer, R AIJBT Vol.8(3) [July 2009]266-271
Length-weight and allometric relationship in the pulmonate snail Cassidula nucleus Martyn (Pulmonata: Ellobiidae)Shanmugam, AIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]224-226
Performance analysis of new multiple access protocols using genetic algorithmGunavathi, K; Shanmugam, AIJEMS Vol.05(5) [October 1998]255-266