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Effect of co-channel tone interference on the performance of phase locked loops incorporating a class of nonlinear amplifiersDe, B; Sarkar, B CIJEMS Vol.05(2) [April 1998]55-57
EXGID – A prototype exploration geological information system for Jharia Coalfield, IndiaSaikia, Kalyan; Sarkar, B CJSIR Vol.66(7) [July 2007]513-516
A new charge-pump PLL for tracking bursty signalsMandal, M K; Sarkar, B CIJEMS Vol.10(3) [June 2003]189-192
A new look into the PLL response degradation due to VCO nonlinearity and its compensation techniqueSarkar, B C; De, BIJPAP Vol.38(10) [October 2000]734-740
A novel dual PFD charge-pump phase locked loopSarkar, B C; Nandi, M; Hati, R; Hati, AIJEMS Vol.04(4) [August 1997]129-133
A novel quick response charge pump phase locked loopDe, B; Sarkar, B CIJEMS Vol.15(6) [December 2008]473-482
Novel technique of pulse width modulator design using a ring oscillatorSarkar, B C; Mandal, M KIJPAP Vol.44(06) [June 2006]473-477
On improving the spectral purity of the regenerated clock signal in a data clock recovery circuitGhosh, M; Hati, A; Sarkar, B CIJEMS Vol.09(4) [August 2002]255-259
On performance of pump current modulated charge pump PLLHati, A; Sarkar, B CIJPAP Vol.39(06) [June 2001]404-410
On the jitter performance of a quantizer based modified DPLLBanerjee, T; Sarkar, B CIJEMS Vol.12(3) [June 2005]182-188
Performance degradation of an optical Costas loop due to non-ideal response of 90° hybridSarkar, B C; Hati, (Ms) RIJPAP Vol.37(01) [January 1999]66-72
Performance of non-linear amplifier based phase locked loop systems in presence of channel perturbationsDe, B; Sarkar, B CIJPAP Vol.47(04) [April 2009]310-316
Phase locked loop performance with modified loop filtersSarkar, B C; Hati, (Ms) AIJPAP Vol.37(12) [December 1999]929-936
Ring oscillator-based direct digital frequency synthesizer with improved spectral puritySarkar, B C; Mandal, M KIJPAP Vol.41(05) [May 2003]402-407
Ring oscillators: Characteristics and applicationsMandal, M K; Sarkar, B CIJPAP Vol.48(02) [February 2010]136-145
Stability conditions of phase locked loops—RevisitedSarkar, B C; Hati, RIJEMS Vol.05(3) [June 1998]127-129
Structure and performance of a new data clock time recovery phase locked loopSarkar, B C; De, B; Sarkar, SIJEMS Vol.03(5) [October 1996]185-190
Theory and performance of an electrically controlled microwave phase shifterSarkar, S; Banerjee, T; Mondal, D; Sarkar, B CIJPAP Vol.43(03) [March 2005]215-220