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Blending Delay Time of MultimixersChattopadhyay, R; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.11(2) [June 1986]73-76
Characteristics of acrylic-cotton yarns produced on ring and rotor spinning systemsTyagi, G K; Choudhary, A K; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.21(2) [June 1996]116-121
A comparative study of MTS and equivalent MJS yarnsSalhotra, K R; Ishtiaque, S M; Kumar, AkshayIJFTR Vol.26(4) [December 2001]366-371
A Comparative Study on Fibre Migration and Its Influence on the Abrasion Resistance of Conventional Ring-Spun and Crown-Spun YarnsSalhotra, K R; De, N CIJFTR Vol.06(3) [September 1981]105-108
A comparative study on quality of acrysorb and cotton terrysock fabrics produced from ring, rotor and dref-3 yarnsSalhotra, K R; Banerjee, P K; Gowda, R V MIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]246-250
A comparison of quality aspects of fabrics knitted from two-ply and siro yarnsKaushik, R C D; Bhatnagar, S; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.17(2) [June 1992]69-71
Contribution of Fibre Length and Fibre Denier to Characteristics of Ring- and Rotor-spun Viscose Rayon YarnsKaushik, R C D; Salhotra, K R; Tyagi, G KIJFTR Vol.12(3) [September 1987]146-148
Core coverage in DREF-III friction-spun yarnsChattopadhyay, R; Salhotra, K R; Dhamija, S; Kaushik, R C DIJFTR Vol.26(4) [December 2001]387-391
Determination of twist loss in rotor-spun yarnsSalhotra, K R; Dhamija, S; Arora, VIJFTR Vol.24(1) [March 1999]27-33
Effect of add-on finish and process variables on properties of air-jet spun polyester yarnsTyagi, G K; Singh, Amarjot; Gupta, Anil; Goyal, A; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.28(2) [June 2003]163-169
Effect of alkali treatment on the mechanical properties of flax-viscose OE rotor-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Kaushik, R C D; Dhamija, S; Chattopadhyay, D P; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]87-91
Effect of annealing on MJS yarn characteristicsTyagi, G K; Dhamija, S; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.24(4) [December 1999]242-246
Effect of core-wrapper ratio and spinning speed on physical characteristics of acrylic DREF-3 yarnsTyagi, G K; Salhotra, K R; Gupta, SadanandIJFTR Vol.20(3) [September 1995]136-138
Effect of Doffing Tube Design on Yarn Quality and Rotor Spinning PerformanceSalhotra, K R; Dutta, B; Harlock, S CIJFTR Vol.06(3) [September 1981]101-104
Effect of Doubling on the Tenacity of Air-Vortex-Spun YarnsSalhotra, K R; Sengupta, A K; Haldar, A KIJFTR Vol.05(4) [December 1980]122-124
Effect of Fibre Length on the Quality of Rotor YarnsSalhotra, K R; Alaiban, Talal SIJFTR Vol.09(1) [March 1984]1-3
Effect of friction drum speed and yarn delivery rate combination for a constant friction ratio on quality of friction-spun yarnsDhamijaa, S; Salhotra, K R; Chattopadhayay, R; Kaushik, R C DIJFTR Vol.27(1) [March 2002]33-37
Effect of Rotor Speed and Combing Roller Speed on Yarn Characteristics and Minimum Spinning TwistSalhotra, K R; Gupta, R KIJFTR Vol.06(3) [September 1981]97-100
Effect of Steam-Relaxation Treatment on Characteristics of Acrylic-Viscose Rotor-spun YarnsKaushik, R C D; Salhotra, K R; Tyagi, G KIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]67-70
Effect of Twist and Repeated Extension on Tenacity and Breaking Extension of Acrylic-Viscose Rotor-spun YarnsKaushik, R C D; Salhotra, K R; Tyagi, G KIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]63-66