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Dielectric behaviour of aprotic polar liquid dissolved in non-polar solvent under static and high frequency electric fieldSahoo, S; Middya, T R; Sit, S KIJPAP Vol.50(03) [March 2012]175-183
Dielectric relaxation of associated ternary liquid mixture from high frequency conductivity measurement of solutionSahoo, S; Dutta, K; Acharyya, S; Sit, S KIJPAP Vol.45(06) [June 2007]529-544
Dielectric relaxation of benzonitrile and tetramethyl urea with N, methylformamide in C6H6 under 9.885 GHz electric fieldSit, S K; Gupta, B; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.56(09) [September 2018]684-695
Dielectric relaxation phenomena of alkyl acrylate on complexation with phenol dissolved in carbon tetrachloride under static and high frequency electric fieldSahoo, S; Sit, S KIJPAP Vol.55(03) [March 2017]207-217
Effect of pre-milling treatment on protein and carbohydrate content in tribal pulsesRout, B; Sahoo, S; Senapati, PKIJTK Vol.6(1) [January 2007]69-71
Effect of Z'-mediated flavor-changing neutral currents on B→πK decaySahoo, S; Maharana, LIJPAP Vol.46(5) [May 2008]306-311
Fractional quantum Hall effect in grapheneSahoo, S; Das, SIJPAP Vol.47(09) [September 2009]658-662
Ionization cross-sections of state selective atomic hydrogen by impact of multiply charged ionsSahoo, S; Roy, K; Sil, N C; Mukherjee, S CIJPAP Vol.37(06) [June 1999]460-463
Lepton flavor non-universality in TAU sectorMaji, P; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]649-651
Mass of the neutrinoSahoo, SIJPAP Vol.48(10) [October 2010]691-696
Quantitative relationships between structure and physicochemical properties of natural amino acids using topological and quantum-chemical molecular descriptorsSahoo, S; Kuanar, M; Patel, S; Mishra, B KIJC-A Vol.53A(10) [October 2014]1324-1331
Quantum Hall effect in graphene: Status and prospectsSahoo, SIJPAP Vol.49(06) [June 2011]367-371
Relaxation phenomena of acrylic esters and phenols in dilute solution of CCl4 under static and high frequency electric fieldSahoo, S; Middya, T R; Sit, S KIJPAP Vol.53(11) [November 2015]725-735
Hepatoprotective effect of Barringtonia acutangula Linn. leaves on carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver damage in rats Mishra, S; Sahoo, S; Rout, K K; Nayak, S K; Mishra, S K; Panda, P KIJNPR Vol.2(4) [December 2011]515-519
Study of B -> ππ puzzle in the standard modelBiswas, S; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]668-670
Study of semileptonic decay B→ρl+l- in non-universal Z' modelNayek, P; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]652-654
Supersymmetric structure of fractional quantum Hall effect in grapheneSahoo, S; Das, SIJPAP Vol.47(03) [March 2009]186-191
Traditional system for the production of kewda essential oil and attarMohapatra, D K; Sahoo, SIJTK Vol.6(3) [July 2007]399-402