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A case study on existing petrol car engines design parametersMayilsamy, K; Kuppuswamy, N; Rudramoorthy, RJSIR Vol.66(6) [June 2007]464-469
CO2 Emission reduction opportunities for small and medium scale textilesector in IndiaVelavan, R; Rudramoorthy, R; Balachandran, SJSIR Vol.68(07) [July 2009]630-633
Deformation of outer distributor cone in bulb turbine due to cavitation – A case studyKuppuswamy, N; Rudramoorthy, RJSIR Vol.64(04) [April 2005]256-261
Distortion of guide vane assembly in a bulb turbine due to cavitation and reverse water flowRudramoorthy, R; Kuppuswamy, N; Rajenthirakumar, D; Manikandan, K VIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]419-423
Energy efficiency improvement in air heater of a tea unit - A case approachBalachandran, S; Rudramoorthy, RJSIR Vol.67(2) [February 2008]151-153
Energy efficient and environmentally sound technologies for small and medium scale textile clusterVelavan, R; Rudramoorthy, R; Balachandran, SJSIR Vol.68(12) [December 2009]1058-1062
Experimental and Numerical Study of Efficiency Improvement by Surface Coating on the Impellers and Diffusers of Mixed Flow Submersible Borewell PumpsMurugesan, C; Rudramoorthy, RJSIR Vol.75(05) [May 2016]300-305
Stress analysis on the major parts of a bulb turbine using FEA-A case studyKuppuswamy, N; Rudramoorthy, R; Mayilsamy, KJSIR Vol.65(05) [May 2006]402-409
Wear and fatigue analysis of two wheeler transmission chainSadagopan, P; Rudramoorthy, R; Krishnamurthy, RJSIR Vol.66(11) [November 2007]912-918