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Atmospheric aerosols and air pollutionRaju, N V; Prasad, B S N; Narasimhamurthy, BIJRSP Vol.32(5) [October 2003]306-311
Concentration of radon and its progeny near the surface of the earth at a continental station Pune (18 N, 74 E)Nagaraja, K; Prasad, B S N; Madhava, M S; Paramesh, LIJPAP Vol.41(07) [July 2003]562-569
D-region Nitric Oxide Density Enhancement on a Winter Anomalous Day at South Uist (57.40oN)Prasad, B S N; Mohanty, SIJRSP Vol.08(4) [August 1979]177-182
A detailed model study of stratospheric small ion density and conductivitySrinivas, N; Prasad, B S NIJRSP Vol.25(5) [October 1996]255-262
Electron Loss Mechanism at D-region Heights on Days of Normal & Anomalous Winter AbsorptionPrasad, B S N; Mohanty, SIJRSP Vol.07(5) [October 1978]224-228
Equatorial water vapour mixing ratio from rocket data on positive ion compositionChandramma, S; Prasad, B S NIJRSP Vol.19(3) [June 1990]147-153
Erythemal dose computations from UV-B irradiance modelGayathri, H B; Prasad, B S N; Thukarama, MIJRSP Vol.22(5) [October 1993]306-312
Height Variation of Electron Loss Coefficient in the MesosphereChandramma, S; Prasad, B S NIJRSP Vol.15(1) [February 1986]1-5
Inhalation dose due to radon and its progeny at PuneNagaraja, K; Prasad, B S N; Chandrashekara, M S; Paramesh, L; Madhava, M SIJPAP Vol.44(05) [May 2006]353-359
An ion-aerosol model study for the stratospheric conductivity under enhanced aerosol conditionSrinivas, N; Prasad, B S N; Nagaraja, KIJRSP Vol.30(1) [February 2001]31-35
Mesospheric Water Vapour Concentration and the Linear Electron Loss Process in the D-RegionPrasad, B S N; Chandramma, S; Lastovicka, JIJRSP Vol.16(4) [August 1987]300-305
Meteorological and anthropogenic influences on the atmospheric aerosol characteristics over a tropical station Mysore (12°N)Raju, N V; Prasad, B S N; Narasimhamurthy, B; Thukarama, MIJRSP Vol.29(3) [June 2000]115-126
On the Validity of q: [e] Relation from Rocket Data on D-region Ion CompositionPrasad, B S N; Mohanty, SIJRSP Vol.08(5&6) [October & December 1979]285-288
Preliminary results of UV-B measurements at MysorePrasad, B S N; Gayathri, H B; Muralikrishnan, N; Murthy, B NIJRSP Vol.20(1) [February 1991]18-21
Results from the MWR network of IMAPMoorthy, K Krishna; Nair, Prabha R; Prasad, B S N; Muralikrishnan, N; Gayathri, H B; Murthy, B Narasimha; Niranjan, K; Babu, V Ramesh; Satyanarayana, G V; Agashe, V V; Aher, G R; Singh, Risal; Srivastava, B NIJRSP Vol.22(4) [August 1993]243-258
Seasonal and latitudinal variations of transition heightSrinivas, N; Prasad, B S N; Taubenheim, JIJRSP Vol.21(5) [October 1992]277-281
Seasonal variation of Angstrom turbidity from solar radiation dataMuralikrishnan, N; Prasad, B S N; Gayathri, H BIJRSP Vol.22(1) [February 1993]30-37
Seasonal-and latitudinal variations of stratospheric small ion density and conductivitySrinivas, N; Prasad, B S NIJRSP Vol.22(2) [April 1993]122-127
Seasonal/latitudinal variations in the satellite observed aerosol properties in the stratosphere and upper troposphere during the eruption of Alaid and Pagan A heterogeneous ion-chemical model for the upper mesosphereSrinivas, N; Prasad, B S N; Lastovicka, JIJRSP Vol.26(5) [October 1997]264-273
A simplified ion-aerosol model for balloon measurements of ion conductivity and aerosol concentrationPrasad, B S N; Srinnivas, N; Chandramma, SIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]304-306