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Chemistry of sulphur and nitrogen species and other major cations/anions in fog waterLakhani, Anita; Satsangi, G S; Parmar, R S; Prakash, SatyaIJRSP Vol.34(1) [February 2005]42-49
Electron densities in the equatorial lower ionosphere over Thumba and SHARSinha, H S S; Prakash, SatyaIJRSP Vol.24(4) [August 1995]184-192
Estimation of Cr (III), Cr(VI) and organically bound Cr (III) species using ion exchangers & 51Cr radiotracerSrivastava, Sonal; Prakash, Satya; Srivastava, M MIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]514-517
Experimental study on deposition of oxides of sulphur and nitrogen on dry and wet surrogate surfacesParmar, R S; Satsangi, G S; Lakhani, Anita; Srivastava, S S; Prakash, SatyaIJRSP Vol.29(3) [June 2000]134-139
Nitrogen uptake rates and new production in the northern Indian OceanGandhi, Naveen; Prakash, Satya; Ramesh, R; Kumar, SanjeevIJMS Vol.39(3) [September 2010]362-368
Novel multi-layer APPPA microcapsules for oral delivery: preparation condition, stability and permeabilityOuyang, Wei; Chen, Hongmei; Jones, Mitchell L; Haque, Tasima; Martoni, Christopher; Afkhami, Fateme; Prakash, SatyaIJBB Vol.46(6) [December 2009]491-497
Phytonanotechnology: Recent applications and the role of BiocoronaPrakash, Satya; Rajpal, Vijay Rani; Deswal, RenuIJBB Vol.59(4) [April 2022]405-414
Relationship between ambient sulphate and sulphur dioxide at four different sites in AgraParmar, R S; Lakhani, Anita; Kulshrestha, U C; Kumar, N; Kumari, K M; Prakash, Satya; Srivastava, S SIJRSP Vol.28(2) [April 1999]60-65
Rocket Measurements of Ionization Irregularities in the Equatorial Ionosphere at Thumba & Identification of Plasma InstabilitiesPrakash, Satya; Subbaraya, B. H.; Gupta, S. P.IJRSP Vol.01(1) [March 1972]72-80
Rocket Observations of E-Region Ionization Irregularities Produced through Cross Field Instability Mechanism-Current StatusSinha, H S S; Prakash, SatyaIJRSP Vol.16(1) [February 1987]102-113
Size distribution of trace metals in ambient air of AgraLakhani, Anita; Parmar, R S; Satsangi, G S; Prakash, SatyaIJRSP Vol.37(6) [December 2008]434-442