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Characterization of a convective shower by short-time sampling during monsoon 1994 at DelhiKulshrestha, U C; Sarkar, A K; Parashar, D CIJRSP Vol.24(6) [December 1995]308-310
Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols at New DelhiGadi, Ranu; Sarkar, A K; Gera, B S; Mitra, A P; Parashar, D CIJRSP Vol.31(2) [April 2002]93-97
Concentrations and behaviour of surface O3, NO and NO2 at DelhiKulshrestha, U C; Jain, Monika; Parashar, D CIJRSP Vol.26(2) [April 1997]82-84
Considerations for methane mitigation from Indian paddy fieldsParashar, D C; Bhattacharya, SumanaIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]369-375
Dry deposited fluxes of inorganic constituents after a fire in Delhi – A case studyJain, Monika; Kulshrestha, Umesh C; Sarkar, Ajit K; Parashar, D C; Kumar, AshokIJRSP Vol.27(4) [August 1998]144-147
Effect of water management and rice genotypes on methane emission paddy fieldBaruah, K K; Parashar, D C; Gupta, Prabhat K; Sharma, C; Sharma, R C; Jain, M C; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.26(2) [April 1997]77-81
Indirect method for the determination of sulphate by atomic absorption spectrophotometryParashar, D C; Singh, Mewa; Singh, Niranjan; Sarkar, Ajit K.IJC-A Vol.33A(01) [January 1994]86-87
Measurements of formic and acetic acid levels in vapour phase at urban and semi-urban sites of DelhiJain, Monika; Kulshrestha, Umesh C; Sarkar, A K; Parashar, D C; Kumar, AshokIJRSP Vol.28(5) [October 1999]240-243
Nitrous oxide emission estimates from paddy fields and forests in IndiaSharma, C; Gupta, Prabhat K; Parashar, D CIJRSP Vol.24(6) [December 1995]311-313
Parameters affecting methane emission from paddy fieldsParashar, D C; Rai, J; Gupta, Prabhakar K; Singh, NIJRSP Vol.20(1) [February 1991]12-17
Rapid Method for Determination of TungstenRai, J; Sarkar, A K; Parashar, D CIJC-A Vol.22A(10) [October 1983]900
Recent methane budget estimates from Indian rice paddy fieldsParashar, D C; Gupta, Prabhat K; Bhattacharya, SumanaIJRSP Vol.26(5) [October 1997]237-243
Temporal variation of methane emission from rice paddy fields of GujaratGupta, M; Verma, S D; Parashar, D C; Gupta, P KIJRSP Vol.23(4) [August 1994]265-268
Water soluble components of dry deposition at DelhiKulshrestha, Monika J; Kulshrestha, Umesh C; Sarkar, A K; Parashar, D C; Vairamani, MIJRSP Vol.31(3) [June 2002]151-154