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Enhancement of dissolution rate and bioavailability of Paliperidone by Hot Melt Extrusion techniquePandey, A; Rath, B; Dwivedi, A KJSIR Vol.73(10) [October 2014]680-685
Kinetic constraints and features imposed by the immobilization of enzymes onto solid matrices: A key to advanced biotransformationFoukis, A; Stergiou, P-Y; Filippou, M; Koukouritaki, M; Parapouli, M; Theodorou, L G; Hatziloukas, E; Afendra, A; Pandey, A; Papamichael, E MIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1045-1051
Metal chelates of bioinorganic and catalytic relevance: Synthesis, magnetic and spectral studies of some mononuclear and binuclear oxovanadium(IV) and dioxotungsten(VI) complexes involving Schiff bases derived from 4-butyryl-3- methyl-1-phenyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one and certain aromatic aminesMaurya, R C; Singh, H; Pandey, A; Singh, T.IJC-A Vol.40A(10) [October 2001]1053-1063
Phytoplankton assemblage and UV-protective compounds in the river GangesAhmed, H; Pathak, J; Singh, D K; Pandey, A; Rajneesh; Singh, V; Kumar, D; Singh, P R; Sinha, R PIJTK Vol.20(1) [January 2021]191-203
Protective role of diet supplements Spirulina and Tamarind fruit pulp on kidney in sodium fluoride exposed Swiss albino mice: Histological and biochemical indicesYadav, N; Sharma, Shweta; Sharma, KP; Pandey, A; Pareek, P; Sharma, SubhasiniIJEB Vol.54(01) [January 2016]44-55
Synthesis, magnetic and spectral studies of some cis-dioxomolybdenum(VI) complexes derived from N, O- and N2O2- type Schiff bases Maurya, R C; Shukla, B; Pandey, AIJC-A Vol.41A(03) [March 2002]554-559
Synthesis, magnetic and spectral studies of some new mixed-ligand nitrosyl complexes of chromium(I)Maurya, R C; Pandey, A; Verma, RIJC-A Vol.41A(02) [February 2002]339-341
Synthesis, magnetic and spectral studies of some novel binuclear dioxomolybdenum(VI) chelates involving Schiff bases derived from sulpha drugs and 4-benzoyl-3-methyl-1-phenyl- 2-pyrazolin-5-oneMaurya, R C; Pandey, A; Sulradhar, DIJC-A Vol.43A(04) [April 2004]763-768
Thermoluminescent response of nanocrystalline Ba0.97Ca0.03SO4: Eu for proton beamBahl, Shaila; Lochab, S P; Aleynikov, V E; Molokanov, A G; Rupasov, A A; Pandey, A; Kumar, PratikIJPAP Vol.48(07) [July 2010]500-504