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Compromising TRIPS: Brazil’s Approach to Tackle the HIV/AIDS ImbroglioNair, M DJIPR Vol.13(5) [September 2008]456-463
Compulsory Licences Imbroglio: Provisions Under TRIPS and Their InterpretationsNair, M DJIPR Vol.09(5) [September 2004]415-423
GATT, TRIPS, WTO and CBD – Relevance to AgricultureNair, M DJIPR Vol.16(2) [March 2011]176-182
Harmonization of Patent Laws—Still a Dream?†Nair, M DJIPR Vol.07(1) [January 2002]58-61
An Industry in Transition: The Indian Pharmaceutical IndustryNair, M DJIPR Vol.07(5) [September 2002]405-415
Intellectual Property Rights and the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry*Nair, M DJIPR Vol.01(1) [January 1996]1-9
Legislation Affecting Science and Technology — Need for More Public Debate*Nair, M DJIPR Vol.06(5) [September 2001]398-403
Protection of Trade Secrets/Undisclosed InformationNair, M DJIPR Vol.07(6) [November 2002]526-529
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - How Far Have We Gone With the DOHA Round? Nair, M DJIPR Vol.14(6) [November 2009]542-543
Traditional Chinese medicines: An assessment*Nair, M DIJTK Vol.02(1) [January 2003]7-10
TRIPS and Access to Affordable DrugsNair, M DJIPR Vol.17(4) [July 2012]305-314
TRIPS and Parallel Imports — Impact on Drug PricesNair, M DJIPR Vol.07(4) [July 2002]342-345
TRIPS and Public Health: The Doha DeclarationNair, M DJIPR Vol.07(3) [May 2002]241-244
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - Debate on Evergreening of Patents and IPA 2005Nair, M DJIPR Vol.14(3) [May 2009]258-259
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - How Effective is the Dispute Settlement Process ?Nair, M DJIPR Vol.14(4) [July 2009]346-348
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - Impact on Developing CountriesNair, M DJIPR Vol.14(2) [March 2009]166-167
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - TRIPS & Affordable Healthcare The Concept of OSDD & Patent PoolsNair, M DJIPR Vol.15(1) [January 2010]74-76
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - World PatentsNair, M DJIPR Vol.15(2) [March 2010]151-153
TRIPS, WTO and IPR : The Year 2009 in RetrospectNair, M DJIPR Vol.15(4) [July 2010]310-312
TRIPS, WTO and IPR – DOHA Round & Public HealthNair, M DJIPR Vol.14(5) [September 2009]446-447