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Analysis of structural properties of cotton/milkweed blended ring, compact and rotor yarnsKarthik, T; Murugan, RIJFTR Vol.41(4) [December 2016]361-366
Comfort properties and dyeing behaviour of cotton/milkweed blended rotor yarn fabricsKarthik, T; Murugan, R; Sakthivel, J CIJFTR Vol.42(1) [March 2017]25-30
Design and fabrication of crushing instrument to study the influence of lateral deformation on fibrous assemblyMurugan, R; Dasaradan, B S; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.33(3) [September 2008]258-263
Effect of alkali treatment on physical properties of banana fibreVardhini, K J Vishnu; Murugan, R; Rathinamoorthy, RIJFTR Vol.44(4) [December 2019]459-465
Effect of coconut shell powder filler on performance of polyester composites for ballistic applicationMaheswaran, G; Murugan, R; Majumdar, AbhijitIJFTR Vol.48(4) [December 2023]367-372
Effect of lateral crushing on tensile property of bamboo, modal and tencel fibresMurugan, R; Karthik, T; Dasardan, B S; Subramanian, V; Shanmugavadivu, KIJFTR Vol.42(1) [March 2017]107-110
Linear Free Energy Relationship in Naphthalene System-Substituent Effects on Carbon-13 Chemical Shifts of Substituted Naphthyl Methyl SulphidesSrinivasan, C; Perumal, S; Arumugam, N; Murugan, RIJC-A Vol.25A(03) [March 1986]227-229
Microwave assisted rapid synthesis of 3-alkoxy-2-cyclohexen-1-ones from 1,3-cyclohexanedioneMurugan, R; Reddy, B S RIJC-B Vol.44B(07) [July 2005]1512-1514
Novel technique for improving yarn quality and reducing hairiness in conventional ring frameMurugan, R; Vigneswaran, C; Ghosh, AnindyaIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]211-214
Optimisation of alkali treatment of banana fibres on lignin removalVardhini, K J Vishnu; Murugan, R; Selvi, C Tamil; Surjit, RIJFTR Vol.41(2) [June 2016]156-160
Optimization of drafting zone variables in ring spinning for the production of cotton/milkweed blended yarnsKarthik, T; Murugan, RIJFTR Vol.41(2) [June 2016]121-128
Optimization of process variables in rotor spinning for the production of cotton/milkweed blended yarnsKarthik, T; Murugan, RIJFTR Vol.41(3) [September 2016]263-269
A synthetic and stereochemical study of 2,6- diaroyl-3,5-diaryltetrahydro- 1,4-thiazine-1,1-dioxidesGnanadeepam, M; Selvaraj, S; Perumal, S.; Murugan, R; Lycka, AIJC-B Vol.38B(08) [August 1999]962-963
Spinnability of cotton/milkweed blends on ring, compact and rotor spinning systemsKarthik, T; Murugan, RIJFTR Vol.41(1) [March 2016]26-32
Thermal and sound insulation properties of chiengora blended nonwoven fabricsSurjit, R; Murugan, R; Karthik, TIJFTR Vol.44(3) [September 2019]306-313
UV protection and self-cleaning finish for cotton fabric using metal oxide nanoparticlesSivakumar, A; Murugan, R; Sundaresan, K; Periyasamy, SIJFTR Vol.38(3) [September 2013]285-292