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Biosorbent, Cupressus Female Cone in the Efficient Treatment of Effluent Containing Cr(VI)Murugan, M; Subramanian, EJSIR Vol.62(11) [November 2003]1071-1078
Characterization of an actinomycete isolated from the estuarine finfish, Mugil cephalus Lin. (1758) and its optimization for cellulase productionMurugan, M; Srinivasan, M; Sivakumar, K; Sahu, Maloy Kumar; Kannan, LJSIR Vol.66(5) [May 2007]388-393
Combating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with natural treatmentAmaravathi, T; Murugan, M; SelvamS; Geetha, PSIJTK Vol.19(3) [July 2020]542-549
An efficient and reversible sorptive removal of arsenic (III) from aqueous solution by the biosorbent Cupressus Female ConeMurugan, M; Subramanian, EIJCT Vol.11(3) [May 2004]304-308
Extraction of antibacterial substances, galactofucoidan and alginate successively from the Gulf of Mannar brown seaweed Sargassum wightii Greville ex J. AgardhEluvakkal, T; Shanthi, N; Murugan, M; Arunkumar, KIJNPR Vol.5(3) [September 2014]249-257
Removal of Erythrosine B using Prosopisspicigera L. wood carbon-iron oxide compositeRamalakshmi, R Dhana; Murugan, M; Jeyabal, VIJCT Vol.29(3) [May 2022]251-260
Study of water soluble dyes adsorption from aqueous solution by Prosopis spicigera L. wood (PSLW) carbonRani, M Jansi; Murugan, M; Subramaniam, P; Subramanian, EIJCT Vol.23(1) [January 2016]22-30
Structural, optical properties and effect of amino acid on growth of KDP crystalsSaravanan, R R; Seshadri, S; Murugan, M; Manivannan, VIJPAP Vol.51(04) [April 2013]254-259