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Atmospheric chemistryMitra, A PIJRSP Vol.19(5&6) [October & December 1990]383-399
Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols at New DelhiGadi, Ranu; Sarkar, A K; Gera, B S; Mitra, A P; Parashar, D CIJRSP Vol.31(2) [April 2002]93-97
A Comparative Study-of Equatorial Radio Source Scintillations & the Scintillations Expected for ATS-6 Emissions over IndiaPasricha, P K; Reddy, B M; Mitra, A P; Sarma, N V GIJRSP Vol.05(1) [March 1976]31-34
Determination of photolysis frequency of O1D in the tropical regionPaul, R; Mitra, A P; Mandal, T K; Srivastava, S KIJRSP Vol.28(6) [December 1999]286-290
Effect of water management and rice genotypes on methane emission paddy fieldBaruah, K K; Parashar, D C; Gupta, Prabhat K; Sharma, C; Sharma, R C; Jain, M C; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.26(2) [April 1997]77-81
Free air carbon dioxide enrichment facility development for crop experimentsMaini, H K; Tiwari, M K; Bahl, Madhu; John, Thomas; Chopra, P; Singh, Dhan; Yadav, V S; Anand, J R; Poddar, H N; Mitra, A P; Garg, S C; Uprety, D C; Shrivastava, G C; Saxena, D C; Dwivedi, Neeta; Mohan, Rajat; Miglietta, Franco; Zaldei, AlessandroIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]404-409
Impact of aerosol optical depth on UV-B radiation-A case study over Eastern GhatsKant, Yogesh; Sharma, M C; Ghosh, A B; Gupta, P K; Prasad, V Krishna; Badarinath, K V S; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.29(2) [April 2000]71-80
Indian Ocean Experiment [INDOEX]: An overviewMitra, A PIJMS Vol.33(1) [March 2004]30-39
Model Electron Density Distributions for Ionosphere over DelhiSaha, A K; Gupta, (Mrs.) Kamlesh; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]171-178
A Model for the Cosmic Ray Produced Ionization in the Middle AtmosphereDatta, Jayati; Chakravarty, S C; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.16(3) [June 1987]257-266
Morphology of Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillation at 327 MHzPasricha, K; Reddy, B M; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.11(2) [April 1982]64-70
Progress in Atmospheric Chemistry over the Last 50 YearsMitra, A PIJRSP Vol.15(5&6) [October & December 1986]235-246
Responses of plants to the rising concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide : An analysisUpreti, DC; Sexena, D C; Dwivedi, Neeta; Raj, Anupam; Paswan, Ganesh; Dass, Ranjan; Sujatha; Garg, S C; Maini, H K; Mitra, A PBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]186-191