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Advances in ink-jet printing technology of textilesMalik, S K; Kadian, Savita; Kumar, SushilIJFTR Vol.30(1) [March 2005]99-113
Direct organogenesis from leaf explants of Garcinia indica Choisy: An important medicinal plantChauhan, Devendra K; Thakur, A K; Dass, A; Lima, J M; Malik, S KIJBT Vol.11(2) [April 2012]215-219
Genetic conservation of plantation crops and spices using cryopreservationChaudhury, Rekha; Malik, S KIJBT Vol.3(3) [July 2004]348-358
Low temperature bleaching of cotton using TAED activated peroxide bathMalik, S K; Das, ManojIJFTR Vol.31(4) [December 2006]588-590
Molecular markers in assessing genetic variation of Indian citron (Citrus medica L.) cultivars collected from different parts of IndiaUchoi, Ajit; Malik, S K; Choudhary, Ravish; Kumar, Susheel; Pal, Digvender; Rohini, M R; Chaudhury, RekhaIJBT Vol.16(3) [July 2017]346-356
Patterns in magnetic fluidsBajaj, Renu; Malik, S KIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]366-371
Simultaneous dyeing and finishing of cotton fabric using reactive dyes and citric acidMalik, S K; Kumar, SushilIJFTR Vol.30(4) [December 2005]444-450
Size dependent modifications in the physical properties of chemical solution deposition and pulsed laser deposition grown La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 manganite thin films: A comparative studyMarkna, J H; Vachhani, P S; Shah, N A; John, J; Rana, D S; Malik, S K; Kuberkar, D GIJEMS Vol.16(2) [April 2009]123-127
Low-temperature dyeing of cotton by direct dyesMalik, S K; Bhaumik, S; Mukherjee, R NIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]462-465