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Contributory Patent Infringement and the Pharmaceutical IndustryLohray, B B; Banerjee, Kaushik; Panikar, AnshoolJIPR Vol.08(4) [July 2003]302-311
Mechanistic investigation of asymmetric aminohydroxylation of alkenesLohray, B B; Bhushan, Vidya; Reddy, G Jaipal; Reddy, A SekarIJC-B Vol.41B(01) [January 2002]161-168
A mechanistically designed cinchona alkaloid ligand in the osmium catalyzed asymmetric dihydroxylation of alkenesLohray, B B; Singh, S K; Bhushan, VIJC-B Vol.41B(06) [June 2002]1226-1233
Novel euglycemic and hypolipidemic agents: Pyridine containing unsaturated thiazolidinedionesLohray, B B; Bhushan, Vidya; Reddy, A Sekar; Rao, P Bheema; Reddy, N Jaipal; Reddy, K Anantha; Vikramadithyan, Reeba K; Rajagopalan, RIJC-B Vol.38B(04) [April 1999]403-406
Novel method for the preparation of tricyclic [6:6:5] systems by reductive cyclisation with LAHLohray, B B; Bhushan, Vidya; Reddy, A Sekar; Rao, V VenugopalIJC-B Vol.39B(04) [April 2000]297-299
Nucleophilic reaction of glycidol tosylate and the corresponding cyclic sulphate with various nucleophiles: A comparative studyǂLohray, B B; Rajesh, B M; Bhushan, VIJC-B Vol.41B(03) [March 2002]586-592
Seven-membered ring azasugars as glycosidase inhibitors and anticancer agentsLohray, B B; Bhushan, Vidya; Prasuna, G; Jayamma, Y; Raheem, M A; Papireddy, P; Umadevi, B; Premkumar, M; Lakshmi, N S; Narayanareddy, KIJC-B Vol.38B(12) December 1999]1311-1321
Glucopyranosyl derivatives of 4-aminoquinoline and 2-methylimidazo[1,2-α]-pyridine as potent reversible proton pump inhibitorsLohray, B B; Bhushan, Vidya; Reddy, A Sekar; Lakshminarayana, N; Rao, V Venugopal; Saibaba, V; Reddy, N Jaipal; Kumar, Prem; Reddy, K NarayanIJC-B Vol.38B(06) [June 1999]635-638
Stereos elective transformations of polyhydroxyazepanes to piperidine and pyrrolidine derivatives-Efficient glycosidase inhibitorsLohray, B B; Prasuna, G; Jayamma, Y; Raheem, M AIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]220-225