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Analysis of acoustic back scattered signals of two different underwater materials using Empirical Mode Decomposition and support vector machineMalarkodi, A.; Latha, G.; Manamalli, D.; Kavitha, G.IJMS Vol.44(05) [May 2015]656-664
Analysis of rain noise in shallow waters of Bay of Bengal during cyclonic storm JALAshokan, M.; Latha, G.; Ramesh, R.-795-799
Analysis of underwater rain noise from shallow water ambient noise measurements in Indian seasAshokan, M.; Latha, G.; Ramesh, R.; Thirunavukkarasu, A.IJMS Vol.44(02) [February 2015]144-149
Terapon theraps chorus observed in shallow water environment in the southeastern Arabian Sea Mahanty, M.M.; Kannan, R.; Harikrishanan, C.; Latha, G.IJMS Vol.44(02) [February 2015]150-155
Inter comparison of wave height observations from buoy and altimeter with numerical predictionSannasiraj, S. A.; Kalyani, M.; Kumar, E. Dinesh; Harini, K.; Latha, G.; Sundar, V.IJMS Vol.43(7) [July 2014]1347-1351
Modeling of wind induced ambient noise vertical directionality and its variation due to bottom characteristics in shallow Arabian SeaNajeem, S.; Latha, G.; Raguraman, G.IJMS Vol.44(02) [February 2015]135-139
Real Time wave forecasting using artificial neural network with varying input parameterVimala, J.; Latha, G.; Venkatesan, R.IJMS Vol.43(1) [January 2014]82-87
Calibration of a finite element surge prediction model for the east coast of India Latha, G.; Rao, E.P. Rama; Mahadevan, R.IJMS Vol.31(4) [December 2002]265-270
Stability of vertical coherence of ambient noise in shallow waters off the Indian coastSanjana, M.C.; Latha, G.; Nithyanandam, K.IJMS Vol.44(02) [February 2015]140-143