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Effect of sea breeze on propagation characteristics over a LOS microwave link located in Indian south-east coastRao, T Rama; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Prasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Lakshmi, D RIJRSP Vol.28(3) [June 1999]113-118
hf Communication Problems at Low Latitudes due to Steep Spatial & Temporal Electron Density GradientsLakshmi, D R; Aggarwal, S; Pasricha, P K; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.08(3) [June 1979]101-105
HF radio signal strength variations during total solar eclipse of 24 October 1995Lakshmi, D R; Ahmad, Iqbal; Gupta, M M; Veenadhari, B; Sain, Mangal; Sharma, S; Bhatnagar, A KIJRSP Vol.26(1) [February 1997]25-29
Latitudinal Variation of Polar Wind Profiles from Alouette-II DataLakshmi, D R; Reddy, B M; Pasricha, P KIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]165-167
On the Anomalous Ion Temperatures Observed at High Latitude Ionization Troughs by AE-C SatelliteLakshmi, D R; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.17(3) [June 1988]89-92
Performance analysis of an HF radio link between India and AntarcticaPasricha, P K; Vijayakumar, P N; Aggarwal, S; Lakshmi, D R; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.28(1) [February 1999]26-35
A Preliminary Report on Micropulsations Observed at DelhiJain, A R; Lakshmi, D R; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.15(4) [August 1986]143-144
Relationship between Short-term Variations in Electron Content & f0F2 over the Indian ZoneLakshmi, D R; Dabas, R S; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]117-121
Some Problems of hf Communication at Low Latitudes & Possible SolutionsAggarwal, S; Lakshmi, D R; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.05(4) [December 1976]302-306
Studies on Polar Wind & Its Dependence on Plasma Temperature Using Alouette-II DataPasricha, P K; Lakshmi, D R; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.05(1) [March 1976]16-19
A study of f0F2 variability over using different solar indicesLakshmi, D R; Dabas, R S; Veenadhari, BIJRSP Vol.24(1) [February 1995]45-49
Weekly Prediction of Solar Activity at the National Physical Laboratory, New DelhiLakshmi, D R; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.09(1) [February 1980]27-28