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Ethnomedicinal plants used by the tribals of Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR), Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu for the treatment of rheumatismSutha, S; Mohan, VR; Kumaresan, S; Murugan, C; Athiperumalsami, TIJTK Vol.9(3) [July 2010]502-509
FTIR, FT Raman spectra and molecular structural confirmation of isoniazidGunasekaran, S; Sailatha, E; Seshadri, S; Kumaresan, SIJPAP Vol.47(1) [January 2009]12-18
Isolation of aliphatic-antibiotic compounds from marine invertebrate, Heteractis magnifica ʽQuoy & Gaimard, 1833ʼ against captive marine ornamental fish pathogens Gunasundari, V; Kumar, T T Ajith; Kumaresan, S; Balagurunathan, R; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.42(6) [October 2013]807-811
Organic matter, nutrients and major ions in the sediments of coral reefs and seagrass beds of Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve, southeast coast of IndiaVinithkurnar, N V; Kumaresan, S; Manjusha, M; Balasubrarnanian, TIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]383-393
Synthesis and characterization of poly(piperazinyl phosphorimine) and its metal complexes in aqueous mediumKumaresan, S; Kannan, PIJCT Vol.10(2) [March 2003]180-185
Trace metals (Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu) in sediments from the Gulf of Mannar region, southeast coast of IndiaKumaresan, S; Kumar, N V Vinith; Balasubramanian, T; Subramanian, A NIJMS Vol.27(2) [June 1998]256-258
Traditional medicinal practices of Palliyar tribe of Srivilliputhur in Antenatal and Post-natal care of mother and childMuthukumarasamy, S; Mohan, V R; Kumaresan, S; Chelladurai, VNPR Vol.3(6) [November-December 2004]422-426
Vibrational spectra and normal coordinate analysis of structure of procarbazineGunasekaran, S; Kumaresan, S; Seshadri, S; Muthu, SIJPAP Vol.46(3) [March 2008]155-161