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Band transformation secrets of Anemonefish Amphiprion ocellarisGhosh, Swagat; Kumar, T T AjithIJMS Vol.44(06) [June 2015]902-904
The biology of a newly discovered sardine: Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Amblygaster indiana Mary, Balasubramanian, Selvaraju & Shiny, 2017 from the South-west coast of IndiaJayakumar, T K Teena; Lal, K K; Murali, S; Mary, A A; Kumar, T T Ajith; Mishra, A; Singh, MIJMS Vol.51(01) [January 2022]104-107
Isolation of aliphatic-antibiotic compounds from marine invertebrate, Heteractis magnifica ʽQuoy & Gaimard, 1833ʼ against captive marine ornamental fish pathogens Gunasundari, V; Kumar, T T Ajith; Kumaresan, S; Balagurunathan, R; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.42(6) [October 2013]807-811
Isolation of symbiotic bacteria and bioactive proteins from the marine sponge, Callyspongia diffusaBoobathy, S; Kumar, T T Ajith; Kathiresan, KIJBT Vol.8(3) [July 2009]272-275
New record of blunthead pufferfish, Sphoeroides pachygaster (Muller & Troschel, 1848) (Tetraodontiformes: Tetraodontidae) from Indian water along with DNA barcode and some biological aspectsRamachandran, S; Kumar, T T Ajith; Purushothaman, P; Lal, K K; Varghese, S P; Unnikrishnan, N; Ayoob, A E; Ramalingam, LIJMS Vol.51(06) [JUNE 2022]565-572
Range extension of a Conger eel, Bathymyrus simus Smith, 1965 (Anguilliformes: Congridae) in the Arabian Sea, Western Indian OceanKodeeswaran, P; Anand, J; Kumar, T T Ajith; Lal, K KIJMS Vol.51(06) [JUNE 2022]559-564
Report on the occurrence of Margaretha’s Goatfish, Upeneus margarethae Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010 (Perciformes: Mullidae) from Gulf of MannarKathirvelpandian, A; Sheena, J; Jayakumar, T K Teena; Kumar, T T Ajith; Lal, K KIJMS Vol.50(05) [May 2021]391-396
Studies on captive breeding and larval rearing of clown fish [a1], Amphiprion sebae (Bleeker, 1853) using estuarine waterKumar, T T Ajith; Setu, Subodh Kant; Murugesan, P; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.39(1) [March 2010]114-119