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Analytical hierarchy process for sustainability assessment of public transport system in the context of indian trafficKumar, Ravindra; Kumar, SatishBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]26-33
Chromosomal distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in eight species of mahseers (Family: Cyprinidae) from IndiaMani, Indra; Kumar, Ravindra; Singh, Mamta; Kushwaha, B; Nagpure, N S; Srivastava, P K; Lakra, W SIJBT Vol.12(2) [April 2013]178-186
Chromosomal studies of three vulnerable marine fishes from west coast of IndiaKushwaha, Basdeo; Kumar, Ravindra; Nagpure, N S; Srivastava, Satish K; Basheer, V S; Anil, M K; Lakra, W SIJMS Vol.40(1) [February 2011]62-66
Development of real world driving cycles at Delhi Bus Rapid Transit corridor and air pollution scenarioKumar, Ravindra; Gupta, Kamini; Durai, B KBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]174-182
Estimation of emission during idling of vehicles at signalized intersection by customizing MOVES software in Indian conditionsKumar, Ravindra; Parida, Purnima; Tomar, Satyendra; Chaudhary, SanjayBVAAP Vol.23(1) [June 2015]7-15
Finding suitable exploratory measures to reduce fuel and emission due to idling of engine at intersectionKumar, Ravindra; Parida, Purnima; Chaudhary, SanjayBVAAP Vol.21(2) [December 2013]103-112
Improvement in transportability of Indian heavy crude oil using novel surfactantKumar, Ravindra; Banerjee, Shirsendu; Mandal, Ajay; Naiya, Tarun KumarIJCT Vol.23(4) [July 2016]262-270
Lanosta-8,17,25-trien-3β-ol and isomeric trichlorotrimethoxybenzenes from Fames fastuosusJain, Subhash C; Kumar, Ravindra; Gupta, Bhavna; Olsen, Carl EIJC-B Vol.41B(10) [October 2002]2200-2202
Microwave assisted transformation of benzimidazolyl chalcones into N1-substituted pyrazolines and evaluation of their antimicrobial activitiesRajora, Jayanti; Yadav, Janardan; Kumar, Ravindra; Srivastava, Yogendra KIJC-B Vol.49B(07) [July 2010]989-993
Molecular and cytogenetic description of four marine fish species from Indian coastKushwaha, Basdeo; Kumar, Ravindra; Mishra, Akhilesh Kumar; Nagpure, N S; Basheer, V S; Anil, M KIJMS Vol.45(09) [September 2016]1110-1115
A non-invasive technique for rapid extraction of DNA from fish scalesKumar, Ravindra; Singh, Poonam Jayant; Nagpure, N S; Kushwaha, Basdeo; Srivastava, S K; Lakra, W SIJEB Vol.45(11) [November 2007]992-997
Physical mapping of rRNA gene in endangered fish Osteobrama belangeri (Valenciennes, 1844) (Family: Cyprinidae)Kumar, Ravindra; Kushwaha, B; Nagpure, N S; Behera, B K; Srivastava, S K; Lakra, W SIJEB Vol.47(07) [July 2009]597-601
Platoon Size and Headway for Indian Traffic Condition: A New ApproachKumar, Ravindra; Singh, Bhagwan; Jain, P K; Chaudhary, SanjayBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]91-97
Predictability measurement for the sequence of travel time by combining the Lempel-Ziv compression and the Longest Common Subsequence algorithmKumar, Ajay; Kumar, RavindraBVAAP Vol.28(1) [June 2020]19-24
Assessment of pollution of river Ganges by tannery effluents using genotoxicity biomarkers in murrel fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch)Nagpure, NS; Srivastava, Rashmi; Kumar, Ravindra; Dabas, Anurag; Kushwaha, Basdeo; Kumar, PavanIJEB Vol.53(07) [July 2015]476-483
Synthesis of novel tetraoxygenated homoisoflavanonesJain, Subhash C; Kumar, Ravindra; Sharma, Sanjay K; Bharadvaja, Aparna; Kumar, RohtashIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]860-863