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Adaptability and AMMI biplot analysis for yield and agronomical traits in scented rice genotypes under diverse production environmentsKesh, H; Kharb, R; Ram, K; Munjal, R; Kaushik, P; Kumar, DIJTK Vol.20(2) [April 2021]550-562
Advances in sensors based on conducting polymersGupta, Neetika; Sharma, Shalini; Mir, Irfan Ahmad; Kumar, DJSIR Vol.65(07) [July 2006]549-557
Anti-inflammatory effect of dikaempferol rhamnopyranoside, a diflavonoid from Eugenia jambolana Lam. LeavesLingaraju, MC; Anand, S; Begum, J; Balaganur, V; Kumari, RR; Bhat, RA; More, AS; Kumar, D; Bhadoria, BK; Tandan, SKIJEB Vol.54(12) [December 2016]801-807
Characterization of embryonic stem cells: A special focus on farm animalsKumar, D; Anand, T; Singh, M K; Chauhan, M S; Manik, R SIJBT Vol.8(1) [January 2009]23-32
Compensation effect of ac conduction in Se80Te20 and Se80Te10M10 (M = Cd, In, Sb) chalcogenide glassesMehta, N; Kumar, D; Kumar, AIJPAP Vol.44(12) [December 2006]935-938
A decade of rising subscription rates of Indian, British and U.S. chemical journals a preliminary analysisKumar, DALIS Vol.23(2) [June 1976]189-194
Effect of centrally administered nitric oxide modulators in Brewer's yeast-induced nociception in ratsSarma, J; Tandan, S K; Hajare, S W; Kumar, D; Raviprakash, VIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1124-1128
Electrochemical and optical behaviour of poly(o-toluidine) conducting polymer in semisolid electrolytesKumar, D; Sharma, R C; Ram, M K; Dhawan, S K; Chandra, SIJC-A Vol.36A(01) [January 1997]14-18
Evaluation of antidiabetic activity of Euphorbia hirta Linn. in streptozotocin induced diabetic miceKumar, Sunil; Rashmi; Kumar, DIJNPR Vol.1(2) [June 2010]200-203
Geo-spatial technology application for prioritization of land resources in Udham Singh Nagar District of Uttarakhand, IndiaKumar, D; Arvind; Nain, A S; Singh, A; Mor, A; Bhardwaj, SIJTK Vol.20(2) [April 2021]595-603
Bacillus sp. APR-4 protease as a laundry additiveKumar, D; Bhalla, T CIJBT Vol.3(4) [October 2004]563-567
Image reconstruction of optical attenuation coefficient variation in biological tissuesChacko, Susamma; Kumar, D; Singh, MeghaIJEB Vol.41(01) [January 2003]26-32
Indigenous Traps for the management of Rodent outbreak in North Eastern Hill region of IndiaThakur, NS Azad; Firake, DM; Kumar, DIJTK Vol.12(4) [October 2013]730-735
Investigations on poly(aniline-co-o-toluidine)/polystyrene sulphonic acid compositeGupta, Neetika; Kumar, DIJEMS Vol.16(6) [December 2009]403-409
Investigations on the effect of methyl group in poly(o-toluidine) by electrochemical and spectroscopic techniquesKumar, D; Dhawan, S K; Ram, M K; Sharma, R C; Malhotra, B D; Chandra, SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]290-294
Steady state photoconductivity in a-Se80-xTe20Gex thin filmsKumar, D; Kumar, SIJPAP Vol.42(10) [October 2004]771-774
Medicinal plants of Muzaffarnagar district used in treatment of urinary tract and kidney stonesPrachi; Chauhan, N; Kumar, D; Kasana, MSIJTK Vol.8(2) [April 2009]191-195
Monte Carlo method for bioluminescence tomographyKumar, D; Cong, W X; Wang, GIJEB Vol.45(01) [January 2007]58-63
Monte Carlo simulation of photon scattering in biological tissue modelsKumar, D; Chacko, Susamma; Singh, MeghaIJBB Vol.36(5) [October 1999]330-336
Multiprobe laser reflectometry in imaging and characterization of biological tissuesSingh, M; Chacko, S; Kumar, D; Nandakumar, SIJEB Vol.45(01) [January 2007]64-70