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Effect of orographic features on atmospheric electrical parameters of different cities of IndiaKumar, Adarsh; Rai, Jagdish; Nigam, M J; Singh, Arvind Kumar; Nivas, SriIJRSP Vol.27(5) [October 1998]215-223
Ergonomic Evaluation of Pruning in Simulated Greenhouse conditionsKumar, Adarsh; Pramanik, Anilendu; Tiwar, Ravindra Kumar; Das, SudeshnaJSIR Vol.82(03) [March 2023]363-369
Long term (1975-2016) anomaly of surface latent heat flux (SLHF) over Indian subcontinent: Signatures of early warning of earthquake disastersKumar, AdarshIJRSP Vol.49(1-2) [March-June 2020]19-27
Measurement of atmospheric aerosols during monsoon and winter seasons at Roorkee, IndiaSaxena, Deepti; Yadav, R; Kumar, Adarsh; Rai, JagdishIJRSP Vol.39(4) [August 2010]208-217
Microcontroller-based Low-cost Seed Metering Module Retrofit on CultivatorGautam, Prem Veer; Kushwaha, H L; Kumar, Adarsh; Khura, T K; Sarkar, S KIJEMS Vol.30(1) [February 2023]180-188
Pulsating Air Pollinator for Greenhouse CultivationMahadik, Akshay Sanjay; Kushwaha, H L; Kumar, Adarsh; Bhowmik, Arpan; Singh, Awani KumarJSIR Vol.80(06) [June 2021]477-485
Studies on Operational and Plant Parameters Affecting the Deposition of Charged and Uncharged Spray Droplets on Cabbage Plant CanopyJyoti, Bikram; Mani, Indra; Kumar, Adarsh; Khura, Tapan Kumar; Sahoo, R N; Jha, G K; Shakil, N A; Parmar, Bhupendra SinghJSIR Vol.81(01) [January 2022]5-12
Variations in atmospheric aerosols and electrical conductivity at Roorkee during the total solar eclipse of October 1995Singh, Arvind Kumar; Nivas, Sri; Kumar, Adarsh; Rai, Jagdish; Nigam, M JIJRSP Vol.28(1) [February 1999]1-10