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Experimental studies on food habits of tropical microzooplankton: (Prey-predator interrelationship)Godhantaraman, N; Krishnamurthy, KIJMS Vol.26(4) [December 1997]345-349
Heterogeneity in Juvenile population of prawns from different aquatic biotopes, Porto Novo, East coast of IndiaSambasivam, S; Krishnamurthy, KIJMS Vol.15(2) [June 1986]125-126
Heterotrophic Bacteria of Nearshore Waters of the Bay of Bengal & the Arabian SeaPalaniappan, R; Krishnamurthy, KIJMS Vol.14(2) [June 1985]113-114
pH Control of industrial effluent using CDM based PI controllers Meenakshipriya, B; Saravanan, K; Krishnamurthy, K; Kanthabhabha, PIJCT Vol.22(3-4) [May-July 2015]141-147
Mangrove foliage in the diet of the penaeid prawn penaeus indicus (H. Milne Edwards)Sambasivam, S; Krishnamurthy, KIJMS Vol.15(2) [June 1986]114-116
Photosynthetic pigments in coastal ecosystemsPanneerselvam, A; Kannan, L; Krishnamurthy, KIJMS Vol.08(2) [June 1979]109-111
PID control of ball and beam system – A real time experimentationSathiyavathi, S; Krishnamurthy, KJSIR Vol.72(08) [August 2013]481-484
Remote monitoring system for distributed control of industrial plant processKirubashankar, R; Krishnamurthy, K; Indra, JJSIR Vol.68(10) [October 2009]858-860
Experimental investigations on pilot plant SO2 emission control systemMaheswari, C; Krishnamurthy, K; Parameshwaran, R; Meenakshipriya, BJSIR Vol.74(09) [September 2015]522-525
Studies on anoxygenic photosynthetic bacterium Rhodopseudomonas sp. from the tropical mangrove environmentVethanayagam, R R; Krishnamurthy, KIJMS Vol.24(1) [March 1995]19-23