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Analysis of Electricity Price Policy and Economic GrowthHe, Weida; Zhang, Chuan; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.74(01) [January 2015]11-18
Comparative Analysis of Financial Industry Competitiveness of Regions in ChinaFu, Yao; He, Weida; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.78(01) [January 2019]11-14
Comprehensive Estimation of Industrial Security of High Technology IndustryHe, Weida; Lin, Zhifeng; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.75(11) [November 2016]657-661
Comprehensive Estimation of the Economic Security of Logistics Industry— Based on DEA ModelHao, Rong; He, Weida; Zhang, ChuanJSIR Vol.74(07) [July 2015]381-386
Comprehensive Estimation of the Financial Risk of Iron and Steel Enterprise-Based on Carbon Emission ReductionZhang, Chuan; He, Weida; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.75(03) [March 2016]143-149
An Empirical Analysis of Production Efficiency of the Non-ferrous Metal IndustryHe, Weida; Hao, Rong; Deng, Pei; Wang, HaitaoJSIR Vol.73(08) [August 2014]505-509
An Influence Analysis of the Banking Market Structure on the Industrial Pollutants Emission ReductionLin, Zhifeng; He, Weida; Hao, Rong; Feng, ZeyuJSIR Vol.76(09) [September 2017]531-534
Price Mechanism and Energy Efficiency: Evidence from ten countriesHe, Weida; Zhang, Chuan; Hao, Rong; Zhang, KaiJSIR Vol.76(01) [January 2017]17-22
A Productivity Analysis of the Industrial Security in the Mineral Resources Mining IndustryHe, Weida; Sheng, Zhonglin; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.75(01) [January 2016]14-18
Research on Ecological Efficiency of Industrial StructureWen, Jialong; He, Weida; Zhang, ManyinJSIR Vol.79(06) [June 2020]531-533
Research on the Production Efficiency of China Civilian Military Listed CompaniesHe, Weida; Fu, Yao; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]153-155
Study on the Influence of Enterprise Micro Behavior on the Safety of Iron and Steel Industry in ChinaHe, Weida; Fu, Yao; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.77(05) [May 2018]261-263