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Conductance study of electrolyte solutions in binary mixtures of dimethylformamide and dimethylsulphoxide at different temperaturesChauhan, M S; Kumar, G; Chauhan, S; Gupta, SIJC-A Vol.43A(04) [April 2004]734-738
Influence of histamine and H1-receptor antagonists on ejaculated human spermatozoa: Role of intrasperm Ca2+Gupta, A; Khosla, R; Gupta, S; Tiwary, A KIJEB Vol.42(05) [May 2004]481-485
Performance Evaluation, Economic Analysis and Design of Biomass – Based Modified Purti Gasifier StoveSonarkar, P R; Mardikar, E A; Gupta, S; Dhabu, S S; Chaurasia, A SJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]110-114
Potentiation of spermicidal activity of 2',4'-dichlorobenzamil by lidocaineMoudgil, P; Gupta, A; Sharma, A; Gupta, S; Tiwary, A KIJEB Vol.40(12) [December 2002]1373-1377
Press clipping service at national documentation centre. NIHFW - A case studyGupta, S; Samal, P KALIS Vol.40(3) [September 1993]92-94
Pretreatment dependence of mechanical and surface properties of cotton ring- and OE rotor-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Bhattacharya, S; Gupta, SIJFTR Vol.34(1) [March 2009]20-25
Role of volatile oil pretreatment and skin cholesterol on permeation of ion-paired diclofenac sodiumSapra, B; Gupta, S; Tiwary, A. K.IJEB Vol.38(09) [September 2000]895-900
Synthesis and characterization of dinuclear niobium(IV) complexes with symmetrical and unsymmetrical ditertiary phosphinesSharma, S; Gupta, S; Narula, A K; Vermani, O P; Kapoor, P NIJC-A Vol.34A(01) [January 1995]66-69
Synthesis and characterization of sputtered Cd1-­xMgxTe alloy and their applications in solar cellsGupta, S; Munirathnam, KIJPAP Vol.52(01) [January 2014]44-52
Synthesis of some bimetallic complexes of cobalt(II), nickel(II) and copper(II) oximates with antimonySingh, S V; Gupta, S; Ojha, A C; Rastogi, M KIJC-A Vol.30A(06) [June 1991]545-548
Tailoring of Guar gum for desert sand stabilizationGupta, Satish Chandra; Hooda, K S; Mathur, N K; Gupta, SIJCT Vol.16(6) [November 2009]507-512