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Antiviral profile of Nyctanthes arbortristis L. against encephalitis causing viruses*Gupta, P; Bajpai, S K; Chandra, K; Singh, K L; Tandon, J SIJEB Vol.43(12) [December 2005]1156-1160
Effects of yoga asanas and pranayama in non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitusMalhotra, V; Singh, S; Singh, K P; Sharma, S B; Madhu, S V; Gupta, P; Tandon, O PIJTK Vol.3(2) [April 2004]162-167
Designing of a Carburettor Body for Ethanol Blended Fuel by using CFD Analysis tool and 3D Scanning TechnologyGupta, P; Haleem, A; Javaid, MJSIR Vol.78(07) [July 2019]466-472
Fabric hand characteristics by nozzle extraction techniqueDas, A; Majumdar, A; Gupta, PIJFTR Vol.41(2) [June 2016]115-120
In vitro germplasm preservation through regenerative excised root culture for conservation of phytodiversityChaturvedi, H C; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Jain, M; Agha, B Q; Gupta, PIJBT Vol.3(2) [April 2004]305-315
trans-4,4'-Dihydroxystilbene (DHS) protects PC12 cells from oxidative damage but induces reactive oxygen species-mediated apoptosis in SHSY-5Y cell lineSaha, B; Subramanian, M; Gupta, P; Patro, BS; Ray, J; Bandyopadhyay, SK; Chattopadhyay, SIJEB Vol.54(11) [November 2016]719-728
Induced nucellar embryogenesis in vitro for clonal multiplication of Mangifera indica L. var. Ambalavi: A dwarfing rootstockChaturvedi, H C; Agnihotri, S; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Jain, M; Gupta, P; Chourasia, A; Kidwai, N RIJBT Vol.3(2) [April 2004]221-228
Isolation and Characterization of Neutral Proteases Producing Soil fungus Cladosporium sp PAB2014 Strain FGCC/BLS2: Process Optimization for Improved Enzyme ProductionSaxena, J; Choudhary, N; Gupta, P; Sharma, M M; Singh, AJSIR Vol.76(11) [November 2017]707-713
Mono substitution in octahedral complexes: Part I-Softness constant, a new parameter for the reactivity of octahedral complexesSharma, S B; Tewari, I N; Gupta, PIJC-A Vol.28A(11) [November 1989]969-972
Spatio-temporal study on changing trend of land use and land cover pattern in Munnar area, Idukki district, Western Ghats, IndiaGupta, P; Banerjee, A; Gupta, N JIJMS Vol.49(06) [June 2020]1055-1067