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Antimicrobial activity of cotton fabric treated with Quercus infectoria extractGupta, Deepti; Laha, AnkurIJFTR Vol.32(1) [March 2007]88-92
Antimicrobial treatments for textilesGupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.32(2) [June 2007]254-263
Application of natural dyes on bleached coir yarnGulrajani, M L; Gupta, Deepti; Gupta, PriyankaIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]466-470
Bio mimetic coloration of wool using plant juiceNatarajan, SriKrishna; Gupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.41(3) [September 2016]306-311
Biotechnology applications in textile industryGupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.26(1-2) [March-June 2001]206-213
Comfort properties of plated knitted fabrics with varying fibre typeJhanji, Yamini; Gupta, Deepti; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.40(1) [March 2015]11-18
A critical review on prediction of functional & performance attributes of textiles by artificial neural networkJhanji, Y; Kothari, V K; Gupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.47(2) [June 2022]252-258
Design and engineering of functional clothingGupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.36(4) [December 2011]327-335
Dyeing parameters of hydroxynaphthoquinones extracted from Arnebia nobilis Rech.fArora, Anjali; Rastogi, Deepali; Gupta, Deepti; Gulrajani, M LIJFTR Vol.37(1) [March 2012]91-97
Extraction and characterization of silk sericinGupta, Deepti; Agrawal, Anjali; Rangi, AbhilashaIJFTR Vol.39(4) [December 2014]364-372
Fluff pulp from straw of Pennisetum glaucum for hygiene applicationsYadav, Manisha; Rengasamy, R S; Gupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.48(3) [September 2023]336-345
Functional clothing— Definition and classificationGupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.36(4) [December 2011]321-326
Heat and moisture transport in single jersey plated fabricsGupta, Deepti; Kothari, Vijay Kumar; Jhanji, YaminiIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]115-121
Identification and characterization of Ratanjot (Arnebia nobilis Reichb.f.)Arora, Anjali; Gulrajani, M L; Gupta, DeeptiNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]142-145
Kinetics and thermodynamics of dye extracted from Arnebia nobilis Rech.f. on woolArora, Anjali; Gupta, Deepti; Rastogi, Deepali; Gulrajani, M LIJFTR Vol.37(2) [June 2012]178-182
Moisture management and wicking properties of polyester- cotton plated knitsJhanji, Yamini; Gupta, Deepti; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.42(2) [June 2017]183-188
Moisture management properties of ring vis a vis rotor yarn plated knit structuresJhanji, Y; Gupta, Deepti; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.46(1) [March 2021]48-51
Novel method for biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using melanin and its application on wool to impart antimicrobial activityNatarajan, Srikrishna; Gupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.45(2) [June 2020]183-189
Optimization of parameters for application of sericin on cotton knitsGupta, Deepti; Gulrajani, M L; Thakur, Ashish Nath; Agrawal, AnjaliIJFTR Vol.39(3) [September 2014]260-267
Role of fibre, yarn and fabric variables in engineering clothing with required thermo-physiological propertiesJhanji, Y; Gupta, Deepti; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.49(1) [March 2023]109-128