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Changes of gastroduodenal peroxidase activity of rats by cerebellar modulationSarkar, Aparna; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.37(06) [June 1999]602-604
CNS depressive role of aqueous extract of Spinacia oleracea L. leaves in adult male albino ratsDas, Sutapa; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.46(03) [March 2008]185-190
Effect of cerebellar modulation on rat gastric secretion and enterochromaffin-like cellSarkar, Aparna; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.37(06) [June 1999]599-601
Effect of ripe fruit pulp extract of Cucurbita pepo Linn. in aspirin induced gastric and duodenal ulcer in ratsSarkar, Sentu; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.46(09) [September 2008]639-645
High HPV load and sexually transmitted infections increase the risk of abnormal cervical cytology in HIVinfected women in IndiaGuha, Debjani; Shen, Chengli; Gupta, Phalguni; Chakraborty, Rohini Nandan; Chatterjee, RamdasIJEB Vol.56(05) [May 2018]305-313
Modulation of gastric mucosal mast cell population : Role of vestibulo cerebellar lesionSarkar, Nita; Purkayastha, Sudarshana; Sarkar, Biswarup; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.44(08) [August 2006]627-634
Role of Moringa oleifera on enterochromaffin cell count and serotonin content of experimental ulcer modelDebnath, Siddhartha; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.45(08) [August 2007]726-731
Role of 5-hydroxytryptamine in Moringa oleifera induced potentiation of pentobarbitone hypnosis in albino ratsRay, Kausik; Hazra, Rimi; Debnath, Pratip Kr; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.42(06) [June 2004]632-635
Central inhibitory effect of Moringa oleifera root extract: Possible role of neurotransmittersRay, Kausik; Hazra, Rimi; Guha, DebjaniIJEB Vol.41(11) [November 2003]1279-1284
Vestibulo-cerebellar participation in protection of duodenal mucosa: Possible role of neurotransmittersGuha, Debjani; Purkayastha, Sudarshana; Chakrabarty, ParthaIJEB Vol.40(05) [May 2002]541-545