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Complexes of oxovanadium(IV) and di-μ-oxo-oxomolybdenum(V) with 2-methylpiperazine and diethylenetriamine dithiocarbamatesGogoi, Pradip K; Phukan, Deba PIJC-A Vol.28A(12) [December 1989]1070-1073
Di(2-methyl- 5-chlorophenyl) dithiophosphinate and its copper(II) derivative as antioxidant lubricating oil additiveGogoi, Pradip K; Phukan, Deba P; Sharma, NeeiotpalIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]46-48
Effectiveness of bis(2-methylpiperazine dithiocarbamato) Cu(II) and Zn(II), bis(diethyldithiophosphato) Ni(II) and its -picoline diadduct and bis(pyrrolidine dithiocarbamato) Cu(II) as antioxidant lubricating oil additivesGogoi, Pradip K; Sonowal, JuthikaIJCT Vol.12(1) [January 2005]50-54
Esterification of carboxylic acids by acid activated Kaolinite clayKonwar, Dilip; Gogoi, Pradip K; Gogoi, Pranjal; Borah, Geetika; Baruah, Ruby; Hazarika, Neelakshi; Borgohain, RiturajIJCT Vol.15(1) [January 2008]75-78
Fluoride removal from water by adsorption on acid activated kaolinite clayGogoi, Pradip K; Baruah, RubyIJCT Vol.15(5) [September 2008]500-503
Photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet dye on the surface of Au doped TiO2 nanoparticleBegum, Tahshina; Gogoi, Pradip K; Bora, UtpalIJCT Vol.24(1) [January 2017]97-101
Synthesis and characterization of new complexes formed by insertion of carbon disulphide in RuL₃Cl3 (L=PPh₃ and AsPh₃)Gogoi, Pradip K; Borah, Geetika; Bharali, Nayanmoni; Saikia, DigantaIJCA Vol.46A(7) [July 2007]1113-1115
Versatility of magnetic Fe3O4 supported copper nanocomposite catalyst towards reduction of carbonyl and nitro compoundGogoi, Nibedita; Gogoi, Chimi Rekha; Gogoi, Pradip K; Borah, GeetikaIJC-A Vol.60A(01) [January 2021]10-18