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Clean and efficient microwave solvent-free synthesis of some antimicrobial compounds from 2-aminothiadiazinePatel, V M; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.44B(10) [October 2005]2158-2162
Conventional and microwave induced synthesis of various azetidinone and thiazolidinone derivatives from 3-[(1E)-1-aza-2-(2-chloro-7-methoxy-3-quinolyl)-vinyl]-4-(aryldiazenyl) phenol and their antimicrobial screeningPatel, Jigisha A; Mistry, B D; Desai, K RIJCB Vol.47B(11) [November 2008]1695-1700
Conventional and microwave induced synthesis of various pyrimidine and isoxazole derivatives from 1-{4'-[(4''-methyl­pipera­zinyl)diazenyl]phenyl}-3-(substituted­phe­nyl)­prop-2-en-1-one and studies of their antimicrobial activityMistry, B D; Desai, K R; Rana, P BIJC-B Vol.50B(04) [April 2011]627-633
Conventional and microwave-assisted synthesis of pyrazole derivatives and screening of their antibacterial and antifungal activitiesMistry, B D; Desai, K R; Patel, J A; Patel, N IIJC-B Vol.51B(05) [May 2012]746-751
Heteroaryl disperse dyes derived from 2-aminobenzothiazole and their application on polyester fibreDalal, M M; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.21(2) [June 1996]161-164
Microwave and conventional techniques for the synthesis of a series of pyrazolo [5,4-d]­pyri­midine derivatives and their antimicrobial screeningRana, P B; Patel, J A; Mistry, B D; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.48B(11) [November 2009]1601-1608
Microwave assisted heterocyclization: A rapid and efficient synthesis of 1,5-benzothiazepinesPatel, V M; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.43B(01) [January 2004]199-201
Microwave assisted rapid and efficient synthesis of nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocyclic compounds and their pharmacological evaluationMistry, Ketan; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.45B(07) [July 2006]1762-1766
Microwave-induced synthesis of fluorine containing 1, 5-disubstituted hydantoins and thiohydantoins and their antibacterial activityPatel, V M; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.44B(05) [May 2005]1084-1087
Novel approach for the rapid and efficient synthesis of heterocyclic Schiff bases and azetidinones under microwave irradiationNaik, Bhanvesh; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.45B(01) [January 2006]267-271
Rapid and efficient synthesis of some biological active 2-azetidinones under microwave irradiationDesai, K G; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.44B(10) [October 2005]2093-2096
Syntheses and dyeing properties of 1, 4-bis{N-[6-(2-arylazo-l-hydroxy-3- sodium sulphonatonaphth-6-ylamino)-2- chloro-s- triazin-6-yl]} phenylenediaminesVashi, H J; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.20(4) [December 1995]218-221
Synthesis and dyeing performance of new bifunctional reactive azo dyes derived from 2-chloro-4-[4'-(β-sulphatoethyl)-sulphonyl- 2-methoxyanilino]- 6-(4"-hydroxy-1"-naphthyl)-s-triazineDalal, M M; Rana, B J; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.22(1) [March 1997]68-71
Syntheses and dyeing performance of azo disperse dyes based on schiff's base systemVashi, H J; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.21(3) [September 1996]225-227
Syntheses of anthraquinonoid disperse dyes containing s-triazine moiety and their application on polyester fibreModi, B R; Desai, N R; Mistry, B D; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.18(4) [December 1993]211-214
Syntheses of azo disperse dyes from 2-amino-6-briomobenzothiazole and their application on polyester fibresModi, B R; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.19(1) [March 1994]46-49
Syntheses of bistriazinylaminostilbene derivatives and their application on cotton and nylon fibres as fluorescent brightenersModi, B R; Mistry, N V; Shah, M J; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.19(2) [June 1994]89-94
Synthesis and studies of novel homoveratryl based thiohydantoins as antibacterial as well as anti-HIV agentsPatel, R B; Desai, K R; Chikhalia, K HIJC-B Vol.45B(07) [July 2006]1716-1721
Synthesis of 8-triazinylamino coumarin derivatives and their fluorescent propertiesModi, B R; Vashi, D M; Desai, K RIJCT Vol.01(5) [September 1994]317-318
Synthesis of azo disperse dyes with 2-amino-5-phenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole moiety for dyeing polyester fibreDesai, T R; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.23(3) [September 1998]185-188