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Gamma Ray Induced New Flower Colour Chimera and its Management through Tissue CultureDwivedi, A K; Banerji, B K; Chakrabarty, Debasis; Mandal, A K A; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.10(1) [June 2002]70-73
Hippeastrum : An excellent bulbous plant at National Botanical ResearchDatta, S K; Gupta, V N; Banerjee, B KBVAAP Vol.16(1) [June 2008]36-46
Improvement in gas stripping capability by installation of turbo molecular pump system in the tenninal of 15 UD pelletronChopra, S; Pawar, N S; Singh, M P; Kumar, Rakesh; Prasad, J; Patel, V P; Pal, Raj; Kumar, B; Ojha, S; Sota, M; Barua, P; Gargari, S; Joshi, R; Kanjilal, D; Datta, S KIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]84-86
Induction and Analysis of Induced Somatic Mutation in Chrysanthemum Cultivar 'Surekha'Banelji, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.14(1) [June 2006]34-38
Influence of auxins in regeneration of roots in the stem cuttings of multi-bracted Bougainvillea under intermittent mistGupta, V N; Banerji, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.16(1) [June 2008]58-63
Introduction of Gerbera Cultivation in Lucknow Agro-climate through Tissue Culture of Young Flower HeadMandal, A K A; Datta, S KIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]212-214
Modifications and developments done for the problems encountered in NSC pelletronJoshi, R; Patel, V; Barua, P; Sota, M; Gargari, S; Panwar, N S; Singh, B; Singh, M P; Kumar, R; Prasad, J; Chopra, S; Datta, S K; Kanjilal, DIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]87-95
Single-gap multi-harmonic buncher for NSC pelletronSarkar, A; Ghosh, S; Barua, P; Joshi, R; Ahuja, R; Rao, S; Krishnan, S A; Malyadri, A J; Kumar, R.; Gargari, S; Chopra, S; Kanjilal, D; Datta, S K; Roy, A; Bhowmik, R K; Tilbrook, I R; Clifft, B EIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]15-19
Response of Ringing and Auxin to Rooting of Lagerstroemia lancasteri by Stem Cutting under Intermittent Water Mist Gupta, V N; Banerjee, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(2) [December 2005]209-212
Effect of Spacing and bulb size on Growth and Floral Yield in Poliantha tuberosa var. Single and its Techno-economics under Lucknow Conditions Dwivedi, A K; Banerji, B K; Gupta, V N.; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.10(1) [June 2002]51-53
Studies on Photoperiodic Response in the Expansion of Blooming Period in Garden Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat) Gupta, V N; Banerji, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.14(1) [June 2006]61-65
Effect of Intermittent Mist and Auxins on Rooting in Semi-hardwood Cuttings of Buddlea asiatica, LGupta, V N; Banerji, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]58-60
Stable integration, expression and inheritance of the ferritin gene in transgenic elite indica rice cultivar BR29 with enhanced iron level in the endospermKhalekuzzaman, M; Datta, K; Oliva, N; Alam, M F; Joarder, 0 I; Datta, S KIJBT Vol.5(1) [January 2006]26-31
Standardization of in vitro protocol in Chrysanthemum cv. Madam E Roger for development of quality planting material and to induce genetic variability using -radiationMisra, Pratibha; Datta, S KIJBT Vol.6(1) [January 2007]121-124
Studies on Regeneration of Bougainvillea by Stem Cuttings with the aid of Auxins under Intermittent MistGupta, V N; Banerji, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.10(1) [June 2002]59-64
Studies on the Effect of Auxin on Rooting of Cuttings of Ornamental Plants under Mist ChamberGupta, Y N; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(2) [December 2005]192-195
Vacuum leak problem in low energy of pelletronGargari, Satinath; Chopra, S; Joshi, Rajan; Ojha, S; Sota, M; Barua, P; Patel, V; Prasad, J; Kumar, R; Singh, B; Panwar, N S; Singh, M P; Datta, S K; Kanjilal, DIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]78-80