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Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Hot-air Drying Kinetics of Mango KernelNayak, P; Rayaguru, K; Bal, L M; Das, S; Dash, S KJSIR Vol.80(09) [September 2021]750-758
Dielectric studies of hydrogen bonded complexes - Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) with aliphatic alcoholsDash, S K; Das, T K; Swain, B BIJPAP Vol.38(11) [November 2000]791-796
Dielectric studies on binary mixtures of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) in non-polar solventsDas, J K; Dash, S K; Chakravortty, V; Swain, B BIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]230-232
Dielectric study of surface modification of linear low density polyethylene treated with chromic acid and sodium carbonateDash, S K; Mishra, K C; Mishra, S N; Swain, B BIJPAP Vol.43(04) [April 2005]287-290
Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on physical, bio-chemical and functional properties of Jamun (Syzygium cumini) during storageMohapatra, Minati; Biswal, Sonali; Nayak, R N; Panda, M K; Dash, S KIJTK Vol.21(4) [October 2022]865-875
Heat and momentum fluxes over Chilka: A tropical lagoonMohanty, P K; Dash, S K; Mishra, P K; Murty, A S NIJMS Vol.25(3) [September 1996]184-188
High frequency positive series resistance in IMPATT devicesPati, S P; Dash, S K; Satpathy, SIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]255-260
Indian Chilika curd – A potential dairy product for Geographical Indication registrationNanda, Dhiraj Kumar; Singh, Rameshwar; Tomar, S K; Dash, S K; Jayakumar, S; Arora, Dilip K; Chaudhary, Reeti; Kumar, DineshIJTK Vol.12(4) [October 2013]707-713
Modification of T21 global circulation model for implementation on parallel processing systemDash, S K; Jha, B; Selvakumar, S; Periasamy, M; Padmalatha, K; Misra, V KIJRSP Vol.22(4) [August 1993]225-229
Molecular interaction parameters of binary mixtures of diethyl ether and apolar solvents using ultrasonic probePradhan, S K; Dash, S K; Moharana, L; Swain, B BIJPAP Vol.50(03) [March 2012]161-166
Performance testing of indigenously developed DC conduction pump for sodium cooled fast reactorNashine, B K; Dash, S K; Gurumurthy, K; Kale, U; Sharma, V D; Prabhakar, R; Rajan, M; Vaidyanathan, GIJEMS Vol.14(3) [June 2007]209-214
Seasonal cycle of surface fields over the Indian OceanDash, S K; Mohanty, P KIJMS Vol.27(1) [March 1998]90-96
Studies on the regional characteristics of surface fields over the Indian Ocean and monsoon rainfallMohanty, P K; Dash, S K; Shekhar, M SudhanshuIJRSP Vol.30(6) [December 2001]300-314
Viscometric, volumetric and acoustic properties of binary mixtures of a nuclear extractant with monocarboxylic acids (C1-C3) at 303.15 KDalai, B; Dash, S K; Singh, S KIJPAP Vol.52(01) [January 2014]24-29