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Anomalous microwave propagation study using multistation cyclone warning radars in the Indian east coastDabas, R S; Prasad, M V S N; Dutta, H N; Sarka, S KIJRSP Vol.25(3) [June 1996]151-157
An Association of Large-scale Periodic Disturbances with Sporadic-EBhardwaj, R K; Dabas, R S; Lal, J B; Dutta, H NIJRSP Vol.09(1) [February 1980]20-23
Characteristics of Scintillations of 40 MHz Satellite Signals Observed at KurukshetraDutta, H N; Chaturvedi, Rakesh; Bhardwaj, R K; Dabas, R S; Lal, J BIJRSP Vol.07(3) [June 1978]135-138
Diffraction of 140 MHz ATS-6 Signal by Lenslike Ionospheric IrregularitiesDabas, R S; Tyagi, T R; Somayajulu, Y V; Lal, J BIJRSP Vol.09(6) [December 1980]234-241
Geomagnetic Storm Effects in Ionospheric TEC at an Equatorial Station: Contribution of E x B Drifts & Meridional Neutral WindsDabas, R S; Jain, A RIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]100-106
Low Latitude Integrated Production & Loss Rates from Faraday Rotation Experiment Using ATS-6 & ETS-II Satellite TransmissionsDabas, R S; Bhuyan, P K; Tyagi, T R; Singh, Lakha; Somayajulu, Y VIJRSP Vol.12(3) [June 1983]81-83
Observation of Fresnel-type Fadings at Delhi, a Low Midlatitude Station, over Half a Solar CycleDabas, R S; Bhuyan, P K; Garg, S C; Singh, Lakha; Tyagi, T R; Somayajulu, Y VIJRSP Vol.11(5) [October 1982]171-179
Power Density Spectrum of Satellite Scintillations Observed at KurukshetraBhardwaj, R K; Lal, J B; Dabas, R S; Dutta, H NIJRSP Vol.12(6) [December 1983]193-196
Predicted and measured bottomside total electron content under high and moderate solar activity conditions over New DelhiSethi, N K; Dabas, R SIJRSP Vol.35(5) [October 2006]335-343
Relationship between Short-term Variations in Electron Content & f0F2 over the Indian ZoneLakshmi, D R; Dabas, R S; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]117-121
A study of f0F2 variability over using different solar indicesLakshmi, D R; Dabas, R S; Veenadhari, BIJRSP Vol.24(1) [February 1995]45-49
Study of Large & Medium Scale Irregularities Using 140 MHz ATS-6 Faraday Rotation Records from Three StationsSingh, Lakha; Vijayakumar, P N; Garg, S C; Tyagi, T R; Bhardwai, R K; Dabas, R S; Nagpal, O P; Gupta, A SenIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]245-249
A Study of Total Electron Content & Slab Thickness Variations at KurukshetraDabas, R S; Bhardwaj, R K; Lal, J B; Dutta, H NIJRSP Vol.08(1) [February 1979]15-19
Study of VHF Satellite Scintillations at a Low Latitude StationBhardwaj, R K; Lal, J B; Dutra, H N; Dabas, R SIJRSP Vol.12(6) [December 1983]202-207
Total Electron Content Observations at Kurukshetra Using ATS-6 Geostationary SatelliteBhardwaj, R K; Dabas, R S; Lal, J BIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]236-240
Variations in TEC & Other Ionospheric Parameters Associated with Magnetic StormsDabas, R S; Lal, J B; Tyagi, T R; Somayajulu, Y VIJRSP Vol.09(1) [February 1980]1-6