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Anomaly in vlf Atmospherics during Flood-rainy Days over Calcutta during 27-30 September 1978Sen, A K; Sarkar, S K; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.08(4) [August 1979]139-142
Atmospheric electrical field in relation to severe meteorologjcal disturbancesDatta, T; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.33(6) [December 2004]373-379
Changes in the surface UV radiation and sferics over Kalyani (West Bengal) during the solar eclipse on 22 July 2009Bhattacharya, R; Bhoumick, A; Bhattacharya, A; Pal, S; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.39(3) [June 2010]132-137
Climatic variance and its effects on decametric Jovian signal reception at a high altitude station DarjeelingMondal, S; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.44(3) [September 2015]126-131
Effect of Solar Flare on the Field Intensity of VLF AtmosphericsBhattacharya, A B; Bhattacharya, RIJRSP Vol.12(2) [April 1983]56-58
Electromagnetic noise due to man-made sources and lightning and the possible biological effects-A reviewBhattacharya, A B; Chatterjee, M K; Bhattacharya, RIJRSP Vol.28(3) [June 1999]119-126
Fading at 27 kHz atmospherics due to winter depressionBhattacharya, A B; Chatterjee, M K; Kar, S KIJRSP Vol.26(4) [August 1997]200-203
Influence of thunderstorms on atmospheric radio noiseBhattacharya, A B; Chatterjee, M K; Kar, S K; Bhattacharya, RIJRSP Vol.26(1) [February 1997]22-24
Lightning echo and atmosphere as observed by radarBhattacharya, A B; Datta, B K; Bhattacharya, RIJRSP Vol.23(5) [October 1994]323-325
Local time dependence of decametric radio emission from Jupiter observed from earth stations at different solar activityBose, S K; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.30(5) [October 2001]233-242
Measurement of field intensity of radio signals, atmospheric noise and UV radiation during the total solar eclipse of 24 October 1995Bhattacharya, A B; Kar, S K; Bhattacharya, R; Basak, JIJRSP Vol.25(3) [June 1996]173-174
A multilayer fuzzy neural network approach for cloud classificationBhattacharya, R; Dey, S S; Datta, T; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.32(2) [April 2003]104-107
Observation of microwave radio sun using L-, S- and C-band radiotelescopesBhattacharya, A B; Kar, S K; Mukhopadhyay, R; Goswami, A K; Bera, R; Sen, A KIJRSP Vol.27(3) [June 1998]124-129
Parallel architecture and algorithms for space weather prediction – A reviewDe, M; De, S; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.37(3) [June 2008]157-173
Radar and sferics observations of first nor’westersBhattacharya, A B; Bhattacharya, R; Sen, A KIJRSP Vol.21(2) [April 1992]141-142
Radar echoes from inter-stroke processes in lightning dischargesBhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.21(5) [October 1992]294-298
Recovery Effect in the Field Intensity of AtmosphericsBhattacharya, A B; Bhattacharya, RIJRSP Vol.12(1) [February 1983]30-32
Solar Diffuse Radiation & Its Relation with Cloud DischargesSarkar, S K; Bhattacharya, A B; Gupta, M K DasIJRSP Vol.10(3) [June 1981]81-84
Solar plasma activated decametric radio emission of non-lo origin from Jupiter magnetosphereBose, S K; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.32(1) [February 2003]43-51
Some Studies on vIf Atmospherics over CalcuttaSarkar, S K; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.07(5) [October 1978]242-247