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Distribution and seasonal variation of temperature and salinity in Cochin BackwatersLakshmanan, P T; Shynamma, C S; Balchand, A N; Kurup, P G; Nambisan, P N KIJMS Vol.11(2) [June 1982]170-172
Distribution and variability of nutrients in Cochin backwaters, southwest coast of IndiaLakshmanan, P T; Shynamma, C S; Balchand, A N; Nambisan, P N KIJMS Vol.16(2) [June 1987]99-102
Effect of Puip-Paper Effluents on the water Quality of Muvattupuzha River emptying into Cochin BackwatersBalchand, A N; Nambisan, P N KIJMS Vol.15(4) [December 1986]253-259
Hydrochemical constituents in the Alleppey mudbank area, southwest coast of IndiaNair, S M; Balchand, A NIJMS Vol.21(3) [September 1992]183-187
Photosynthetic pigments in relation to dredging in Cochin harbour areaRasheed, K; Balchand, A N; Joseph, K G; Joseph, K JIJMS Vol.29(1) [March 2000]57-60
Sediment characteristics in relation to changing hydrography of Cochin estuaryNair, C K; Balchand, A N; Chacko, JacobIJMS Vol.22(1) [March 1993]33-36
Siltation at a capital dredged site in Cochin harbour, SW coast of IndiaRasheed, K; Balchand, A NIJMS Vol.29(1) [March 2000]32-36
Studies on tide depended salt-silt wedge and identification of turbidity maxima in Cochin estuaryRenosh, P R; Rasheed, K; Balchand, A NIJMS Vol.39(1) [March 2010]136-142
Upwelling in the southeastern Arabian Sea as evidenced by Ekman mass transport using wind observations from OCEANSAT–II ScatterometerSmitha, A; Joseph, K Ajith; Jayaram, Chiranjivi; Balchand, A NIJMS Vol.43(1) [January 2014]111-116