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Characteristics of Imperfections in Cotton and Blend YarnsGupte, A A; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.13(4) [December 1988]192-197
Contribution of ringframe drafting condition to yarn count variability in fine countsBalasubramanian, N; Janakiraman, CIJFTR Vol.15(4) [December 1990]198-199
Critical factors affecting the properties of thermal-bonded nonwovens with special reference to cellulosic fibresDesai, A N; Balasubramanian, NSpecial issue: IJFTR Vol.19(3) [September 1994]209-215
Effect of Adding Viscose or Long-staple Cotton on Characteristics of Open- end and Ring-spun Cotton Yarns and FabricsRakshit, Anup K; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.12(2) [June 1987]57-62
Engineering needle-punched nonwovens to achieve desired physical propertiesRakshit, A K; Desai, A N; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.15(2) [June 1990]41-48
Evaluation of Jute as a Reinforcement in CompositesSridhar, M K; Basavarajappa, G; Kasturi, S G; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.07(3) [September 1982]87-92
Fibre properties by HVI and conventional testing at different stages of spinningBalasubramanian, N; Basu, A; Ravindranathan, A VIJFTR Vol.20(2) [June 1995]63-72
Friction spinning-A critical reviewBalasubramanian, NSpecial issue: IJFTR Vol.17(4) [December 1992]246-251
Improvements in Yarn Quality and Ringframe Performance in Fine Counts by Higher Licker-in and Cylinder Speeds in CardingShah, R S; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.04(4) [December 1979]140-144
Improvements in Yarn Quality from Short-staple Cottons by Modifications in Top Arm Drafting SystemDesai, A N; Thombre, D G; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]53-57
Improvements in Yarn Quality from Tandem CardNerurkar, S K; Shivprakash, C S; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.06(2) [June 1981]53-59
Influence of Carding Conditions on Rotor Spinning Performance and Yarn QualityRakshit, Anup K; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.10(4) [December 1985]158-162
Influence of cotton content and area density on the properties of cotton thermal-bonded nonwovensDesai, A N; Bhatnagar, Kavita R; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.19(4) [December 1994]251-255
Influence of processing conditions on the functional properties of high loft structuresDesai, A N; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.15(4) [December 1990]169-172
Modifications to drafting system for improvement in yarn qualityBalasubramanian, N; Krishnaswamy, R; Sharma, JyotsnaIJFTR Vol.20(4) [December 1995]169-175
Nep Generation with Polynosic Fibres in Relation to Surface Characteristics of FibreRakshit, A K; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.08(4) [December 1983]95-100
Process optimization in the development of structure needle - punched jute-based nonwoven carpetsDesai, A N; Patil, V K; Balasubramanian, NIJFTR Vol.20(4) [December 1995]181-184
Some critical manufacturing parameters affecting the properties of nonwoven dust filtersBalasubramanian, N; Rakshit, A K; Patil, V KIJFTR Vol.18(1) [March 1993]8-13
Spectrophotometric determination of hydrazine using bromine and methyl redGeorge, Mary; Nagaraja, K S,; Balasubramanian, NIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1621-1624
Spectrophotometric Determination of Hydrogen Sulphide Trapped in Zinc Acetate SolutionBalasubramanian, N; Ramakrishna, T VIJC-A Vol.22A(06) [June 1983]550