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Band-width of charge transfer band of ion-pairs and dipolar molecules in neat and mixed binary solventsDas, Parimal Kumar; Pramanik, Ramkrishna; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]484-488
Charge transfer band of N-alkyl pyridinium iodides in mixed binary solvents containing acetone: Existence of preferential salvationMedda, Krishna; Chatterjee, Prasanta; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.32A(02) [February 1993]124-128
Conductance and ion association studies of N-ethyl-4-cyanopyridinium iodide in acetonitrile-water mixture at different temperaturesMukhopadhyay, Ajoy; Chatterjee, Rana; Pal, Mohan; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.34A(06) [June 1995]428-433
Effect of Added Sodium Iodide on Spectral & Thermodynamic Properties of Methiodides of Some Nitrogen Heteroaromatics in Dipolar Aprotic SolventsPal, Mohan; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.23A(10) [October 1984]800-807
Solubility and solvation interaction in neat and mixed binary solventsPramanik, Ramkrishna; Das, Parimal Kumar; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.38A(09) [September 1999]906-912
Solvent dependent absorption and fluorescence of a ketocyanine dye in neat and binary mixed solventsBanerjee, Debashis; Laha, Ashis Kumar; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.34A(02) [February 1995]94-101
Studies on solvation interaction: Solubility of a betaine dye and a ketocyanine dye in homogeneous and heterogeneous mediaPramanik, Ramkrishna; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.41A(08) [August 2002]1580-1587
UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Studies on Ion Association of N-Alkylpyridinium Iodides in Binary Mixed SolventsPal, Mohan; Medda, Krishna; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.26A(06) [June 1987]458-463
UV-visible spectroscopic study of preferential solvation of N-alkylpyridinium iodides in mixed binary solvents containing benzeneLaha, Ashis Kumar; Banerjee, Debashis; Bagchi, SanjibIJC-A Vol.34A(05) [May 1995]335-341