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Distribution of Heterotrophic Bacteria in Marine SedimentsNair, Shanta; Bharathi, P. A. Loka; Achuthankutty, C. T.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]18-22
Ecology of Sandy Beach at Sancoale, Goa: Part I - Physical Factors Influencing Production of MacrofaunaAchuthankutty, C. T.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]91-97
Ecology of sandy beach at Sancoale, Goa: Part II - Population model and production of Emerita holthuisi SankolliAchuthankutty, C. T.; Wafar, M. V. M.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]98-102
Acetes sibogalis sp. nov. (crustacea: decapoda, sergestidae) from Cochin Backwaters with a note on its impregnationAchuthankutty, C. T.; George, M. J.IJMS Vol.02(2) [December 1973]139-144
IndOBIS, an Ocean Biogeographic Information System for assessment and conservation of Indian Ocean biodiversityChavan, Vishwas; Achuthankutty, C. T.; Berghe, Edward Vanden; Wafar, MohideenIJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]120-127
Penaeid prawn larval abundance in the Mandovi Estuary, Goa (India)Selvakumar, R. A.; George, M. J. George; Achuthankutty, C. T.; Goswami, S. C.IJMS Vol.06(2) [December 1977]160-162
Pollution monitoring of coastal and estuarine areas: I. Bacterial indicators along the south Gujarat coastMohandass, C; Nair, Shanta; Achuthankutty, C. T.; Bharathi, P.A. LokaIJMS Vol.29(1) [March 2000]43-47
Sandy Beach at Baina, Goa: Its Ecology & ProductionAchuthankutty, C. T.; Stirling, ANN; Nair, Shanta; Bharathi, P. A. Loka; Menezes, Maria R.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]23-29