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Knitted fabric specifications and axilla odour retention characteristicsRathinamoorthy, R; Thilagavathi, GIJFTR Vol.39(3) [September 2014]244-253
Microencapsulation of herbal extracts for microbial resistance in healthcare textilesThilagavathi, G; Bala, S KrishnaIJFTR Vol.32(2) [Sept 2007]351-354
Natural dye production from Thermomyces sp fungi for textile applicationPoorniammal, R; Parthiban, M; Gunasekaran, S; Murugesan, R; Thilagavathi, GIJFTR Vol.38(3) [September 2013]276-279
Optimisation of chitosan-honey composite film for wound dressing applicationThenmozhi, R; Rathinamoorthy, R; Thilagavathi, GIJCT Vol.23(4) [July 2016]279-288
Optimisation of process conditions of cotton fabric treatment with Terminalia chebula extract for antibacterial applicationRathinamoorthy, R; Thilagavathi, GIJFTR Vol.38(3) [September 2013]293-303
Optimisation of process parameters for coloration and antibacterial finishing of wool fabric using natural fungal extractParthiban, M; Thilagavathi, GIJFTR Vol.37(3) [September 2012]257-264
Studies on low-stress mechanical properties of polyester/cotton suiting fabricsNatarajan, V; Thilagavathi, G; Sankaran, VIJFTR Vol.22(2) [June 1997]99-111
Synthesis of spray dried polyvinyl pyrrolidone coated silver nanopowder and its application on wool and cotton for microbial resistanceRaja, A S M; Thilagavathi, G; Kannaian, TIJFTR Vol.35(1) [March 2010]59-64
Vibrational spectra, first hyperpolarizability, HOMO-LUMO analysis of 4-bromo 2-fluro anisoleArivazhagan, M; Kandasamy, N K; Thilagavathi, GIJPAP Vol.50(05) [May 2012]299-307
Weaving technique of a traditional door screen Dhalapathar Parda woven by Rangani at DhalapatharNayak, Iswar Chandra; Patra, SK; Thilagavathi, GIJTK Vol.10(2) [April 2011]319-322
Yarn hairiness controlled by modified yarn path in cotton ring spinningThilagavathi, G; Gukanathan, G; Munusamy, BIJFTR Vol.30(3) [September 2005]295-301
Yarn hairiness controlled by various left diagonal yarn path offsets by modified bottom roller flute blocks in ring spinningThilagavathi, G; Udayakumar, D; Sasikala, L; Kannaian, TIJFTR Vol.34(4) [December 2009]328-332