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Cold compaction of ODS 9Cr martensitic steel powder synthesized by mechanical alloyingKavithaa, T S; Subramanian, R; Angelo, P CIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]119-124
Complexation of Cu(II) with Poly(acrylic acids)- A Polarographic StudySubramanian, R; Natarajan, PIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]432-434
Conductimetric studies of boric acid in presence of some complexing reagents and separation of isotopes of boron by ion exchange chromatographySharma, B K; Subramanian, R; Mathur, P KIJC-A Vol.32A(01) [January 1993]87-88
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulphuric acid by n-octylamine and iodoacetic acidBegum, S Shabanna; Subramanian, R; Lakshminarayanan, V; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]463-468
Effect of complexing reagents on the ionization constant of boric acid and its relation to isotopic exchange separation factorSharma, B K; Subramanian, R; Mathur, P KIJC-A Vol.30A(01) [January 1991]66-69
Effect of injection timing on a diesel engine fueled with bael biodieselDhanamurugan, A; Subramanian, RJSIR Vol.74(04) [April 2015]232-235
Experimental investigations on wire electrical discharge machining characteristics of aluminum hybrid compositescKumar, T T Satheesh; Subramanian, R; Velmurugan, C; Vinoth, K SomasundaraIJEMS Vol.25(4) [August 2018]281-290
Performance of single cylinder diesel engine with bael seed biodieselDhanamurugan, A; Subramanian, RJSIR Vol.72(11) [November 2013]690-694
Separation of boron isotopes by ion exchange chromatographySharma, B K; Subramanian, RIJC-A Vol.30A(06) [June 1991]531-535
Production and characterization of hybrid aluminum matrix composites reinforced with boron carbide (B4C) and graphiteThirumalai, T; Subramanian, R; Kumaran, S; Dharmalingam, S; Ramakrishnan, S SJSIR Vol.73(10) [October 2014]667-670
Studies on performance and emission characteristics of multicylinder diesel engine using hybrid fuel blends as fuelSubramanian, R; Rajendiran, G; Venkatachalam, R; Nedunchezhian, N; Mayilsamy, KJSIR Vol.70(07) [July 2011]539-543
A study of the structural characterization and cyclohexanol dehydrogenation activity of Cu/γ-Al2O3 catalysts@Rachel, Anita; Kumari, V Durga; Subramanian, R; Chary, K V R; Rao, P KantaIJC-A Vol.43A(06) [June 2004]1172-1180
Synthesis, microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Mg alloy hybrid (zircon + alumina) compositeKumar, T Satish; Subramanian, R; Shalini, S; Anburaj, J; Angelo, P CIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]20-26