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Relationship between Single Fibre Strength and Behaviour of Yarns and FabricsPatni, P C; Bapna, D L; Pokharna, A K; Mathur, J P; Singh, V P; Arora, R K; Malhi, R SIJFTR Vol.04(4) [December 1979]145-148
Relationship between Stress-Strain Parameters and Fibre Characteristics in WoolsParthasarathy, S; Bapna, D L; Patni, P CIJFTR Vol.05(4) [December 1980]138-139
Spinnability of Rambouillet, Chokla, Their Crossbred and Corriedale Sheep WoolsPokharna, K; Patni, P CIJFTR Vol.05(4) [December 1980]134-137
Stress-Strain Characteristics of Avikalin Sheep Wool Yarn in Air and Water after DyeingSingh, U S; Parthasarathy, S; Patni, P C; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]10-14
Stress-strain characteristics of rabbit hairGupta, N P; Bapna, D L; Patni, P C; Mathur, J PIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]141-144
Studies on animal fibre blended hand made felts: Part I- Physical and mechanical propertiesaPatni, P C; Shakyawarb, D B; Gupta, N PIJFTR Vol.31(4) [December 2006]553-558
Studies on animal fibre blended handmade felts: Part II — Frictional, compressional and thermal propertiesShakyawar, D B; Patni, P C; Gupta, N PIJFTR Vol.32(3) [September 2007]301-305
Subjective evaluation of hand knotted carpetsShakyawar, D B; Gupta, N P; Patni, P CIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]426-431
Variation of Thickness along the Length of Wool FibrePatni, P C; Parthasarathy, S; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.06(4) [December 1981]171
Vegetable Matter in Wools and Its RemovalSingh, U S; Patni, P C; Swain, NIJFTR Vol.08(3) [September 1983]93-94