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Computation of aerodynamic load and coefficient for satellite launch vehicleMehta, R C; Sastry, M SIJEMS Vol.04(2) [April 1997]41-48
Computations of flow field over Apollo and OREX reentry modules at high speedMehta, R CIJEMS Vol.15(6) [December 2008]459-466
Direct search optimization technique for the solution of inverse nonlinear heat conduction problemMehta, R CIJEMS Vol.19(1) [February 2012]67-71
Estimation of shock-cell structure of axisymmetric supersonic free jetsMehta, R C; Prasad, J KIJEMS Vol.03(4) [August 1996]141-147
Flow structure of a supersonic jet impinging on an axisymmetric deflectorMehta, R C; Prasad, J KIJEMS Vol.04(5) [October 1997]178-188
Numerical simulation of normal shock wave/turbulent boundary-layer interaction over a bump surfaceMehta, R CIJEMS Vol.10(5) [October 2003]353-358
Numerical simulation of supersonic turbulent jets impinging on an axisymmetric deflectorMehta, R CIJEMS Vol.09(4) [August 2002]227-236
Phase transformation and residual stress analysis in cryo-treated single point cutting toolMehta, R C; Sinha, P P; Asokan, S; Mohanlal, DIJEMS Vol.02(3) [June 1995]95-102
Solution of inverse heat conduction problem using explicit and implicit schemesMehta, R C; Radhakrishnan, T V; Seetharamu, K NIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]205-211
Thermal stress analysis of a solid rocket motor nozzle throat insert using finite element methodMehta, R C; Suresh, K; lyer, R NarayanaIJEMS Vol.05(5) [October 1998]271-277