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Liquid transfer properties and drying behavior of plated knitted fabrics with varying fibre typesJhanji, Y; Gupta, D; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.40(2) [June 2015]162-169
Measurement of dielectric properties of textile materials and their applicationsBal, Kausik; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]191-199
Microprocessor-controlled data acquisition and analysis on conven tensile testersKothari, V K; Iype, C; Abadi, AIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]103-108
Moisture management and wicking properties of polyester- cotton plated knitsJhanji, Yamini; Gupta, Deepti; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.42(2) [June 2017]183-188
Moisture management properties of ring vis a vis rotor yarn plated knit structuresJhanji, Y; Gupta, Deepti; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.46(1) [March 2021]48-51
Moisture vapour transmission behaviour of cotton fabricsDas, Subhasis; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.37(2) [June 2012]151-156
Physical characteristics and structure of Indian silk fibresGupta, V B; Rajkhowa, R; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.25(1) [March 2000]14-19
Prediction of air-jet textured yarn properties using statistical method and neural networkYadav, V K; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.29(2) [June 2004]149-156
Prediction of radiative protective performance of multilayered clothingChakraborty, Supriyo; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.41(3) [September 2016]284-292
Prediction of thermo-physiological properties of plated knits by different neural network architecturesJhanji, Y; Gupta, D; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.43(1) [March 2018]44-52
Properties of polyester/wool parent and air-jet textured yarns and their fabricsKothari, V K; Bari, S KIJFTR Vol.27(2) [June 2002]156-160
Radiant heat protective performance of clothing assemblies with flexible aerogel-Nomex nonwoven composite as thermal insulationChakraborty, Supriyo; Rao, A Venkateswara; Kothari, V K; Pisal, A AIJFTR Vol.44(4) [December 2019]396-403
Relationship between tensile properties of fibres and nonwoven fabricsPatel, P C; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.26(4) [December 2001]398-402
Some innovations in UV protective clothingBajaj, P; Kothari, V K; Ghosh, S BIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]315-329
Spirality of cotton plain knitted fabrics with respect to variation in yarn and machine parametersKothari, V K; Singh, G; Roy, K; Varshney, RIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]227-233
Stress-strain characteristics of air-jet textured polyester yamsRengasamy, R S; Kothari, V K; Patnaik, AsisIJFTR Vol.29(3) [September 2004]283-289
Structural properties of anionic modified PET textured yarn- A comparison with normal PETPal, S K; Gandhi, R S; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.21(2) [June 1996]109-115
Studies on air-jet textured sewing threadsRengasamy, R S; Kothari, V K; Alagirusamy, R; Modi, SIJFTR Vol.28(3) [September 2003]281-287
Studies on compressional behaviour of nonwoven fabrics: Part II-Effect of rate of deformation, repeated compression-recovery cycles and pressure foot areaKothari, V K; Das, AIJFTR Vol.19(1) [March 1994]17-21
Studies on properties of hollow polyester needle-punched fabricsMidha, Vinay Kumar; Alagirusamy, R; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.29(4) [December 2004]391-399