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Current-mode and transimpedance-mode universal biquadratic filter using multiple outputs CCIIsHorng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]169-174
Influences of multiple holes on thermal stresses in a thermoplastic composite discSen, Faruk; Sayer, MetinIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]157-168
Effects of fiber content on abrasive wear of Lantana Camara fiber reinforced polymer matrix compositeDeo, Chittaranjan; Acharya, S KIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]219-223
Study on solvatochromic behaviour of polyaniline and alkyl substituted polyanilinesSharma, Shalini; Kumar, DIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]231-237
Ferromagnetic amorphous carbon derived from low molecular weight organic compoundsDasgupta, Prabal; Mondal, Bhola NathIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]224-230
Modeling slump of concrete using the group method data handling algorithm Chen, LiIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]179-185
High input impedance first-order allpass, highpass and lowpass filters with grounded capacitor using single DVCCHorng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]175-178
Damage prediction in glass/epoxy laminates subjected to impact loadingKarakuzu, Ramazan; Erbil, Emre; Aktas, MehmetIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]186-198
Influence of combined Al2O3-SiO2 filler on thermal and dielectric properties of barium zinc borate glass microcomposites for barrier ribs of plasma display panelsDas, Mousumi; Singh, Shiv Prakash; Pal, Karan; Jena, Suchika; Karmakar, BasudebIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]199-207
Low stress abrasive wear response of boron steel under three body abrasion: Effect of heat treatment and peening intensitiesSingh, Dushyant; Mondal, D P; Modi, O P; Sethi, V KIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]208-218