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An empirical correlation in predicting the viscosity of refined vegetable oilsGupta, Anupama; Sharma, S K; Toor, Amrit PalIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]642-645
Estimation of thermal conductivity of binary liquid mixtures employing new approachPandey, J D; Dey, R; Soni, N K; Chandra, Prakash; Yadav, M KIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]638-641
Regeneration of carbonyl compounds from their oximes using Ce(IV) based phase-transfer oxidantsDewan, Anindita; Kakati, Dilip KumarIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]635-637
Studies on effect of growth factor on morphological, chemical and pulp and paper making characteristics and its impact on fluff generationDutt, Dharm; Tyagi, C H; Malik, R SIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]626-634
Floatability of barite particles with different shape and roughnessUlusoy, U; Yekeler, MIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]616-625
Sensitive spectrophotometric methods for the determination of pantoprazole sodium in pharmaceuticals using bromate-bromide, methyl orange and indigo carmine as reagentsBasavaiah, K; kumar, U R AnilIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]611-615
Desilication of agro based black liquor and green liquor using jet loop reactorMandavgane, Sachin A; Paradkar, G D; Varu, J; Pamar, R; Subramanian, DIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]606-610
Sorption of water soluble dyes from aqueous solutions on zirconium phosphateJayswal, Amit; Chudasama, UmaIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]597-605
Recovery of cephalosporin C from aqueous solution using polymeric adsorbentMishra, Punita; Srivastava, Pradeep; Mishra, P K; Kundu, SubirIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]592-596
Inhibitiory effects of some imines on the corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solutionShanbhag, A V; Prabhu, R A; Kulkarni, G M; Kalkhambkar, R G; Venkatesha, T VIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]584-591
Some fatty acid oxadiazoles for corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HClRafiquee, M Z A; Saxena, Nidhi; Khan, Sadaf; Quraishi, M AIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]576-583
Preparation and characterization of an all solid supercapacitor based on polyaniline-Al₂O₃ layer on aluminium alloy-Al-2024Kumar, M Selva; Bhat, D KrishnaIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]572-575
Electrochemical reduction of 2-acetyl benzofuran and its derivatives at glassy carbon electrodeMamatha, G P; Sherigara, B S; Mahadevan, K MIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]566-571
Electrochemical reduction of ornidazole at a composite polymer membrane electrodeTiwari, D C; Jain, Rajeev; Sahu, GauravIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]560-565
Improved conversion to ethyl acetate through removal of water of esterification by membrane pervaporationDas, Swatilekha; Banthia, A K; Adhikari, BasudamIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]552-559
Optical resolution of racemic tryptophan through non-chiral membranes by ultrafiltration using chiral selector in solutionSingh, Kripal; Bajaj, H CIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]547-551
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16