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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2007Biocide injection as a means of internal corrosion control of oil pipelinesAloko, D F; Mohammed, A D
Sep-2007A study of structure and properties of lightly cross-linked polyethylene, crystallized from the melt under uniaxially stretchingAcharya, B B; Mohanty, S; Roy, G S
Sep-2007Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies of boron containing phenolic and cardanolic polymersAntony, Rosy; Pillai, C K S
Sep-2007Bioinorganic studies on Fe (II)- zidovudine (azt) complexDas, Ratnesh; Pitre, K S
Sep-2007Development and validation of spectrophotometric method for estimation of anti-asthmatic drug doxofylline in bulk and pharmaceutical formulationKamila, M M; Mondal, N; Ghosh, L K
Sep-2007Effect of monomer feed rate on the properties of copolymer butyl acrylate/vinyl acetate in semi-batch emulsion polymerizationPalma, M S A
Sep-2007Removal of copper from water samples by sorption onto powdered limestoneGhazy, S E; Ragab, A H
Sep-2007Corrosion inhibition of N80 steel in hydrochloric acid by phenol derivativesVishwanatham, S; Haldar, Nilesh
Sep-2007Inhibitive effect of some gemini surfactants on mild steel corrosion in acid solutionsSharma, H K; Quraishi, M A
Sep-2007Corrosion studies of Ni-free austenitic stainless steel in methanol containing H₂SO₄, HCl and LiClSingh, V B; Ray, Monali
Sep-2007Azole, amine, benzoate and nitrate compound mixture as VPI for metals in NaCl and SO₂ environmentsPoongothai, N; Natesan, M; Palanisamy, N; Murugavel, S C; Ramachandran, T
Sep-2007FCC riser hydrodynamics: Effect of some operating variables(Bose), S Das; Saha, R K; Gupta, P Sen
Sep-2007Kinetics and mechanism of the hydroxylation of some naphthalene sulphonic acid derivatives by peroxodisulphateAbdel-Khalek, Ahmed A; Hassan, Eman S; Hassan, Hala M
Sep-2007Mechanism of oxidation of hexamine by quinoliniumdichromate (QDC) in aqueous perchloric acidChimatadar, S A; Madawale, S V; Nandibewoor, S T
Sep-2007Synthesis of chloride ion-selective potentiometric sensor based on coordination polymer complexSundaram, R; Hariprasad, K S
Sep-2007Arsenic removal by conventional and membrane technology: An overviewUddin, Md Tamez; Mozumder, Md Salatul Islam; Figoli, A; Islam, Md Akhtarul; Drioli, E
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16