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Title: Ethnobotany of Shompens - a primitive tribe of Great Nicobar Island
Authors: Elanchezhian, R
Kumar, R Senthil
Beena, S J
Suryanarayana, M A
Keywords: Biodiversity;Great Nicobar;Shompen tribe;Ethnobotany Livelihood strategy
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: Int. Cl.⁸: A61K36/00, A61P1/04, A61P1/06, A61P1/14, A61P17/02, A61P29/00, A61P31/00, A61P31/04
Abstract: Shompens are the aboriginal inhabitants of Great Nicobar Island. They probably migrated into this area, several hundred years ago from nearby Malaysian regions. They are one of the Mongoloid aborigines whose number may not exceed a hundred at present. They are semi-nomadic, food gatherers and hunters with stone-age civilization. They live in small groups in dense interior forests of the island and are entirely dependent on forest resources and sea products for their sustenance. These primitive aboriginals use a host of edible plants; make use of a few plants for and use various plants and their parts for constructions, cover, brush, dugout canoes, utensils, fishing harpoons, mat and baskets.
Page(s): 342-345
ISSN: 0972-5938
Appears in Collections:IJTK Vol.06(2) [April 2007]

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